• Great news!!!!!!

    We have just received information that Cheek Swabs will be available for DNA Fanconi Testing. The Cheek Swab Kits will be available (soon) at www.offa.org for $5.00 each (Fanconi test will still cost 60.00 and be sent to U of Mo). Prior this cheek swab was only available for some re-testing that was being done.

    So NOW it is even going to be easier for Fanconi testing… there is NO excuse that every single Basenji owner doesn't get their Basenjis tested. And there will certainly be NO excuse that a breeder doesn't have a sire/dam tested BEFORE breeding.

    Please note however that blood samples are still being requested, because the Cheek Swab doesn't give enough DNA for future genetic testing.

    I am sure that the information at www.basenjihealth.org will be updated soon about the Cheek Swab Test, but wanted to give everyone here a heads up.

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