• If you've read my other thread about the sprained leg then you know it turned out to be something more serious (a fungal disease). So just to provide an update - because the disease is normally found in large hunting dogs no one had the medication in a form appropriate for a basenji - it would have to be specail ordered and not available until later today, Wednesday (diagnosed Monday and confirmed by the top radiologist and pathologist in MN). However EL D was also dehydrated; I was working on getting him liquids and he seemed to improve yesterday morning. But by evening he was worse - his gums were back to nearly no color, extremely weak, and peeing practically everything he drank. Early this morning he was wheezing so bad I took him to the university vet emergency - I was so afraid I would lose him to dehydration before he even got the other medication. Good news, they put him on oxygen right away and were going to start fluid injections. When I visited with him several minutes later, he was nearly back to normal with just the oxygen. He was standing on his own in the oxygen tent and wide eyed and almost as strong as ever when I reached in to pet him; I could tell he wanted to come with me. He'll be able to get started on the fungal medication too since the vet med hospital has it. I'll let you know how the fungal part goes as he gets the medication.
    Thank you so much for all your prayers and support (EL D and I love you all).

  • More prayers and hugs coming your way… and to EL D.... We are all pulling for him....

  • Hang on, El D! We are all praying and sending healing energy to you.

    Anne in Tampa

  • we're sending lots of good wishes your way El D

  • Sending prayers, hugs, and good healing thoughts your way.


  • Im so glad you were able to get him the help he needed! We are pulling for you !

  • Many Basenji get wells sent your way!

  • Oh, I am so hopeful for a good outcome.
    Do share with us what they did to get this fungus out of your baby.

  • Positive thoughts and hugs from San Diego:)

  • Sorry didn't mean to post twice

  • Just got back from the vet hospital – EL D is still in intensive care in an oxygen tent. So far he hasn't gotten worse but unfortunately is completely blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. The fungal infection has not spread to his heart or brain yet so there is still hope.

    The fungal spores are inhaled when dogs (people can get it too) are snuffling around in decaying vegetation in wet soggy soil along rivers and lakes this time of year and usually occurs in hunting dogs. Wisconsin is a big hot spot and the vets were all surprised (and a little worried I think) about it showing up in MN in a suburban area. Initially the spores are in the lungs but spread throughout the body, though not usually so rapidly as they have in EL D.

    The treatment is a specific anti-fungal drug (the name of which I forget at the moment), that is rather costly, and takes maybe two months to completely clear up - although the spores can lie dormant and reactivate years later.

    So that's the latest.

  • Still sending healing vibes to EL D!…. and hugs to you...... we are all pulling for him

  • Oh gosh, I'm praying little El D makes it through!

  • Hope El D gets better and come back home soon, hugs to your boy

  • Oh, no. What a freakish thing. It's so frustrating when your pup is struck by something you could never have anticipated or guarded against. 😞 Sounds like El D is getting excellent care. Hugs to you both.

  • Wizard - are YOU doing okay? Sounds like you and El D have a long fight ahead. Please let us know if we can do something for you. Does the vet think the blindness is reversible? We're all pulling for you

  • Oh gosh, this is just awful. I hope the treatment works quickly. Hugs and healing thoughts to El D.

  • I so hope this blindness is passing, but b's use their noses so much, they can over come this handicap.
    Hugs for you and this boy.
    We are all praying for you.

  • Our thoughts are with you and El D

  • Oh my.. So sorry to hear this! You're both in my thoughts! Hoping that EL D will recover soon!

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