Update - Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

  • I wanted to provide an update on Riley. She is the b that was diagnosed with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) earlier this summer and became very ill. We almost lost her but thankfully figured out what was wrong with her before it was too late.
    I am attaching before and after pictures of her to give you an idea of how EPI can take over (and very quickly as it happened in a matter of weeks - 1st picture she is 16# and 2nd picture she is 9#).
    Just wanted to get this updated thread out there so it can bring awareness to EPI.
    I am happy to report she is responding well to the pacreatic enzymes and is a happy 9 month old puppy now!

  • Poor baby… so happy to hear that she is resonding to the enzymes... that is great news...

  • Thank you so much for posting this update. I am so glad that she is responding the enzymes and is able to enjoy her puppyhood again.

    I would also like to put a plug in for the CPP health surveys. Everyone, please sign up for the CPP, http://www.caninephenome.org, and fill out the health surveys for your dogs. If you have already signed your dogs up, go back and take a look at the surveys every year so you can make updates. These surveys are the primary source for the BCOA health committee and health endowment for making decisions about future projects. It is important that information about ALL basenjis makes it into the database.

  • Houston

    Oh My, I had no idea how poorly she looked, poor baby. I am glad to hear that she is doing better and responding to her meds, that is truly great news. If you don't catch this, will they starve to death?

  • Many just get skinnier and skinnier to the point they put them down since they don't know what is wrong with them. It is truly so sad and so hard to have a little puppy eat everything in sight but continue to lose weight. I am just so thankful for my vet and his ability and willingness to research this so we caught it before she got too skinny and there was no turning back.

    I appreciate all the support on this forum!! I am just so thankful and smile every day I see her and how happy she is now. She is definitely a lucky girl!

  • Wow. I can't believe she got that skinny. Glad things are improving now, I'd imagine it wasn't easy going through the process of discovering the illness.

    Was Riley with you at that first lure coursing event earlier in the year (Dakota fairgrounds)? I remember someone brought a younger tri, which I'm quite sure it was Riley, but I remembered she was very social and happy (and appeared healthy). It's hard to imagine her getting so sick shortly after.

  • Hi Kananga! Yes she was the submissive, tail wagging happy go lucky tri girl you met. Shortly after that event is when it all happened. Her symptoms started end of May and within two weeks she dropped 7#!

    She is back to a normal weight (a little on the skinny side but may always be that way) and she absolutely LOVES racing and coursing! She practised last weekend at ASFA (only about 100 yards) and she just flies through it! It is amazing what these little dogs can do and overcome. And to think she was diagnosed with PPM (persistant pupillary membrane) now EPI and with the proper care and nutrition can live an active normal life like all other bs.

  • So very happy for you and your girl. Bless you both for hanging there for care and love. Happy to hear she is on the road for normal life. Thank you for telling us she is better.

    Rita Jean

  • Poor little thing…I'm so happy that she has made such a great rebound :):) and thank you for keeping us all updated on her health.

  • I'm so happy to hear this. I'm glad she is back to a more healthy weight and condition.

  • I didn't realize it had gotten so bad. She really does look good now.

  • Great to har Riley is feeling better 🙂

  • Thanks Everyone!!!

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