• About a year ago, Baron had a lump on his right thigh. I took him to the vet and a needle biopsy showed no abnormal cells. It was declared a cyst. Except for a low T4 thyroid result, everything else in his blood panel and urinalysis was normal.

    Photos of the cyst in May 2008. My fingers next to it to show it's depth and width.

    I had another needle biopsy done in the fall 2008 and it was clear of abnormal cells. The lump was ugly but still nothing to be concerned about.

    In February 2009, his bloodwork and urinalysis came back with everything normal. (The T4 was corrected by thyroid pills.) Another needle biopsy was done and this time, there were 1-2 suspicious looking cells. Since then, the lump has slowly been increasing in size and in the past 2 weeks, had a growth spurt. This is it today.

    I finally have the money for his surgery and I just spoke to the vet about it. Surgery is going to be complicated due to it's size. Removing it is possible but the question is whether there will be enough skin left to cover it or not. If it isn't attached to anything, the skin can be cut, the lump removed, and then sewn back up no problem. If the lump is attached, well I'm just praying it isn't. I'll be taking him in Tuesday morning (April 14). The vet will examine the area again and we go from there.

    I'm pretty shaky right now. What with Lisa's Nicky (Lvoss) going through almost the same thing and losing Baron's brother in December, I'm really getting worried. Positive vibes, prayers, and well wishes greatly desired and appreciated.

  • Oh, Robyn! We will definitely keep you and Baron in our thoughts and prayers. I sure hope 2009 starts getting better very, very soon! I haven't been impressed with the year so far. Hugs for you and belly scratches for Baron (and the rest of your crew).


  • Our thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with you and Baron!

  • Think positive… I know it is hard but you have to for Baron. Tummy rubs for Baron and let us know

  • Oh gosh, that is so scary. I'll be thinking of you and Baron. Good luck with the surgery.

  • We'll be thinking of you and Baron… I hope everything goes well!

  • Hope all goes well, goodluck.

  • Good vibes coming your way!

  • Hope all goes well Robyn. This has been a particularily hard year for you. I'm so sorry you have to go through this as well.

  • You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers, Robyn. Hopefully this is easily taken care of. Hugs to you and Baron.

  • Positive vibes, prayers, and well wishes coming to you from the Netherlands..

  • Good thoughts sent your way. I hope it all turns out good and the growth is removed successfully.

    Have they diagnosed the type of cyst this is? I was aghast at the proportions.

  • We're all pulling for you Baron!

  • I just dropped Baron off at the vet clinic. I'm very nervous about this. Positive vines and prayers are appreciated.

  • You and Baron have been in my thoughts and prayers today. When will you hear anything? I hope all news is good news.


  • Waiting to hear about our boy Baron, hopefully just a big ugly benign cyst. Lots of good vibes headed your way.

  • Baron is home and he acts like nothing happened. He has his head in my lap hoping I'll drop some of my fried chicken on him. :p I wasn't able to speak with the vet after the surgery but she left some notes. The growth was attached in places to the underlying connective tissue. She removed all that she could but does not think she got all of it. A sample was sent to the University of Georgia for a biopsy and I should have results in 10-14 days. The scar is not as big as I was expecting but it is kind of ugly with all the stitches.

    And the vet removed a little wart looking thing on his left side at no extra charge.

    I totally forgot to buy an e-collar so I had to come up with something out of stuff I had here. I used a couple of stiff folders wrapped in a towel and duct taped around it. It's a bit bulky but it was the best I could do with no one to help.

  • Not pretty, but they did have enough skin to close it and that's good! Fingers crossed for a good pathology report. Keep feeding him fried chicken!

    Glad he is home safe and sound. It is so frightening to have them put under for a procedure!

  • Keep us posted on the results!

  • Aww - poor fella! Glad to hear he's feeling okay though. 🙂 Best wishes to you both.

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