• I had had several people look at him as well as x-rays,blood tests, ext before I took him to the chiropractor. It really was a last stop for him. I had him our practice racing a few weekends ago. He stayed on the lure the whole way around the track-so I know he's a LOT better than he was!

  • @MacPack:

    What a wonderful recovery for Shadow! My Topper has some nerve-spine issues, I wish I knew a great alternative vet here.

    Anne in Tampa

    Lisa Voss found the alternative for me-I believe she may have the website she found her on.


  • Wow- I didn't realize dogs could have TMJ- I have that as well- had to have surgery after my jaw was locked down for two years. Do they get it the same way as humans- by grinding their teeth? Or is it something that happens because of the way their mouth is shaped?

  • Hi Arlene, I'm not sure if this will help Shadow at all but some years ago out Pembroke Corgi developed back problems, so severe that she was unable to walk. Our vet put her on a regimine of New Zeeland Green Lipped Mussel extract, within 3 weeks she was back to racing around the yard trying to herd everyone. You might ask Dr Langdon if it might help Shadow.

  • BittysDad:

    Dr. Langdon is very much into natropathy. She contstantly looks into all avenues for me. But I will mention the extract. Since this is not a skeletal issue, but a nerve issue, with repeated spasms I'm basically open to trying anything. As I said, he will never be perfect, and will always need adjustments, and my main thing is that he is not in pain anymore.

    It is not the way his jaw is shaped-skeletally he is in perfect formation, the problem arises when his nerve spasms, his muscles contract and pull everything out of order. This results in everything being 'off'.

  • Wow- I understand now….Thanks.

  • Here's my update on Shadow. I had him out this weekend trying to certify him for Straights and Oval racing. He got one qualifying run in, definitely not the best, but at least he crossed the finish line. He ran clean and while the other dogs really ran after the lure, when he got near the end, he just kind of ambled on over the line. Since I couldn't encourage him and he didn't know where I was he just strolled on over. But at least he finished one run and it was in the 5 degree C weather, with wind chill, rain, sleet, etc. So Yaaay Shadow. One more run and he can run with the big dogs. He's also 5 and a half years and since 6 is a veteran in our Racing, he's done pretty well for a dog who wasn't going to make it!

  • Shadow ran his second qualifying run yesterday. Yaaay! I wasn't there, I sent him with a friend that he absolutely loves, but she said he didn't have any problems at all running. Good boy!

  • Way to go Shadow!

  • Shadow ran his first 3 races on Sunday. He came in as the turtle, but he finished! Oval courses are what he ran about 400 yds each time. The last time around there were about 20 people at the finish line cheering him on. He sure didn't run fast, but he finished.

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