Booger's Results

We FINALLY got Booger's results today… Robyn (Yodeldogs) traced his geneaology as best she could before I got him tested. With the information she had, she determined his dad is either a carrier or affected, so I was worried since he's at risk.

Well.... drum roll.... Booger is a carrier!!!!!!!!! I cried when I opened it & found out he's not affected!!!!! Best late Christmas present EVER!

What a lovely, wonderful (even if late) Christmas present… congrats on Booger's results...

Congrats on Booger's results!

Yay, happy dance!

Congrats on great news!!

Congrats! That's wonderful news! 🙂

CONGRATS…that's GREAT news!

yayyyyyyyyyyy!! happy health news is the greatest

Thanks for all of the congrats! We're soooooo thrilled both Lola & Booger are not affected!
Now our challenge is…. teaching our breeder :mad:
I told her I was testing Booger & Lola a couple of months ago, and she said "What's Fanconi?" She also then said "What's lure coursing?"
When I called to tell her the good news that neither of them will be affected, I mentioned that at least one of Booger's parents is a carrier or affected, if not both of them. She had a very "Oh okay I'm not really listening I'm just saying okay so you'll stop talking about this" response. I tried to describe some of the symptoms & she was like "Oh none of mine have it!"

…happy for you:)... sad for her and her pups:(...

Exactly, good for you…. sad for the pups that she will be producing and selling to unsuspecting families..... but you did what you could... and good for you for trying...

Congatulations on the results! Now that you know you can relax. 🙂

Soo sad for the pups and their new families. But what wonderful news for you. 🙂

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