Cody's fanconi results
First Basenji's

Processed: 09/03/2009
Results: CLEAR (Clear for Fanconi Syndrome)

I'm so relieved! Cody was laying beside me when I checked the site, so when I saw the results I picked him up and gave him a big hug and kiss (to which he replied by looking at me like I am crazy).

I was actually really worried since the only thing I really know about him is that he was used as a BYB. I'm going to pass the news on to my best friend, who has one of Cody's puppies, but still urge her to get him tested.

That is great news so very happy for the both of you.

Rita Jean

Great news… congrats... and kudos for testing!!!!

Just wonderful! its so good for you to know. Kudos!

GREAT news! It's best that you know.

First Basenji's

Thanks! We're so happy… ok, I'm happy, he still thinks I'm crazy.

Congrats on the great results!!

Brilliant news for you and Cody 🙂


Huge hugs for Cody and you, and congrats. Awesome news..

How awesome for you and Cody!

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