Maya's Result

Maya's fanconi test came back clear 🙂

Its what we were hoping for as she has 2 clear parents but you never know with these things! A good result anyway though and definately worth doing the test for peace of mind 😃

Thats brilliant news, a very good week for you. At least it does a double check in case of human error, you can rest assured now 🙂

Congrats to both you and Maya! 😃


Great news…breath out...whew.

great congrats :d

Great news Jess!!!


Way to go that is great.

Rita Jean

That is great, Jess! Warmest congratulations from us!

Great news, many congrats :D.

Congratulations! Nice piccie in Dog World this week - right opposite her mum too!

ooh i havent looked at DW this week.. Shall have to check that out 🙂

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