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  • I don't have your answer, but I sure hope it's nothing serious…

  • could be from the bite. one of my dogs had a bump where he was bit. both of my malinois (past and present) have had unknown lumps on the neck. one went away on its own, one went away with a course of antibitotics. None of the lumps have been serious. But, yea, lumps are scary.

  • @Vicki:

    Last night, I found a plum-pit size lump on the side of Rocky's neck. (He is 11 months old.) It wasn't there a couple days ago - what on earth could cause such a lump? He will see the vet on Tuesday morning. Rocky seems to feel fine, is eating well, and has lots of energy.

    The lump is firm, but not real hard, and it is not attached. When I move it, Rocky doesn't act like he is in pain and doesn't realizes what I'm doing. The lump is in the general vicinity of the lymph glands.

    Rocky was bitten by a large dog at the humane society about six or seven months ago. Rocky was stitched up and had to have a drainage tube inserted into the wound. The cyst is on the same side where he was bitten.

    Has he received any vaccinations in the last 30 to 60 days? … Many times they "lumps" can come from that...

  • Houston

    Sorry to hear about Rocky's lump. Sending good, positive vibes that it is nothing serious and that he will not be bothered by it.

  • My mom's boy Cole got a lump after being bit by Levi when he had his puppy teeth. Fine needle aspiration showed nothing to be too worried about but also that there was an infection. A course of antibiotics and it cleared up on its own. I tend to get all lumps checked out just to be sure.

  • Vicki, good luck with Rocky on Tuesday. It's probably a cyst or is something to do with when he was bitten. I think if you can move the lump and it doesnt seem attached and theres no pain it will be4 ok. They may still want to remove it just to be sure.
    So pleased things are working out with Bailey 🙂

  • @thunderbird8588:

    I think if you can move the lump and it doesnt seem attached and theres no pain it will be4 ok.

    I just want to let everyone know that these criteria are so often used as the criteria for a lump being "OK", this is not always the case. Nicky's Spindle Cell Sarcoma was small free moving, unattached with no pain. When my vet felt it she said she was pretty sure it was a going to be just a lipoma, fatty tumor, and was surprised when she saw the abnormal cells. So I am a big advocate for having new lumps checked out just to be sure. I usually do it during check up exams and if there have been any significant changes to existing lumps then I have those checked also.

  • Sorry to hear about the lump, it can have so many causes.
    Could be from a bite, it's always the best to go to the vet and check.

  • Vicki please keep us posted. We want to know about Rockey we love that little guy to so good. My son will cry he held Rockey all way to you I am going to wait on good news that your going to get on friday before I tell Eli. My prayers go to you both and I will be thinking of you 100 %. Give Rockey a hugh hug and kiss from this end of the world. We love you Rocky.

    Rita Jean

  • Hope everything goes well for Rocky on thursday Vicki. Good job you took him. Please keep us posted

  • Please keep us posted on Rocky…

    Prayers for next thursday will come to you from us.

  • Houston

    Vicki, I am glad you took him to the vet, I hope things go smooth and easy on Thursday. Poor Rocky..
    Please give us an update when you know more. Will they biopsy the mass?

  • Sorry I spelled Rocky wrong but Eli just got on here found out about him. I knew it would make him cry he sends his best and give him a really big extra special hug from Eli. Eli is ready get to on a plane to be with him. Eli's got a hugh heart when it comes to animals I hope that never changes in him as he grows up. You got my 888 line you more than welcome to call anytime before Thursday or after.

    Rita Jean

  • Rocky is home from the vet and in his crate. He can't enjoy the company of the other dogs until the end of the weekend. The surgery went well, but the 'mass' was much bigger than I expected. The vet tech showed me the tissue that was removed and it is very large. The 'mass' has roots that were attached to Rocky's neck. Very strange looking, indeed. The tissue will be sent to a lab for a biopsy.

    I was given pain pills for Rocky but no instructions how often to give one to him. It is difficult to know when he needs one. I'll have to call the vet's office in the morning and ask for more specific information about the pain meds.

    The poor little guy has sure been through a lot in his 11 months. First, living in a pet store, then being attacked by a large dog at the humane society, a foster family, being transported many many miles, and now this. Rocky is very happy to be home with his pack and me. As bad as he was feeling when I brought him home, he wagged his tail when each of the dogs checked on him in the crate.

    Rocky was the happiest to see my Eski male, Razzle. Razzle was with me when I picked up Rocky in St. Louis.

  • Vicki, i'm glad Rockys surgery is over with, poor chap. Lets hope the biopsy results are ok. He deserves to get his life back on track.
    Hugs to Rocky and good thoughts.

  • Awww, poor little guy!! I hope he recovers well. Seems like he has a bright spirit and will improve quickly!! 🙂 Please let us know what your biopsy results are. I've had Miles's lumps checked and the ones I've done have all been fatty tumors. His little body is now literally covered with them so financially we can't do them all. 😞 But so far, they're just cosmetic problems and nothing else. I hope his lump wasn't anything serious- but to have roots is a little scarey. You're in our thoughts!! Hugs!!

  • Houston

    Poor little Rocky. I am glad surgery went well and that he is home again in his pack, although sheltered. Please know that we are keeping your pack, you included, in our thoughts. Sending good vibes for speedy recovery..
    Let us know what the lab said..

  • Houston

    Good to hear that he is getting back to his rambunctious self, it is a sign of health returning…LOL. Sorry about the lovey..we have taht happen all the time over here, and it is always the dachshund stealing it..grrr

  • Eli and us are very happy to know that Rocky is feeling much better. When are the labs due back? Eli said kiss and hug Rocky from Kansas.

    Rita Jean

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