• So, Rami has been throwing up it seems every Saturday morning, or every other Saturday morning. Originally I had decided it was because he was being sneaky and eating dirt in the backyard (why he liked it, I have no idea :rolleyes: ). Anyway, it stopped for a couple weeks once I decided to be the dirt patrol and watch him every time he went out. Now it's started back up again, and no dirt is involved! During the week, he eats at 5pm in the evenings and then about 6:30am when we get up for work. On the weekends, we sleep in some and usually gets his breakfast a couple of hours later. I thought maybe he's getting too hungry in the mornings, and so he's throwing up the yellow acidy stuff, but I made sure and gave him a little extra food at dinner, and then two milk bone treats throughout the evening. Maybe I need to start feeding him a small bowl of rice before bed, or maybe the problem is something else? Any suggestions!!?? At least last night I was smart enough to put a blanket down so I didn't have to clean the carpet this morning :o)

  • Since you are feeding him later on weekends then the rest of the week, it is for sure "empty tummy" that is causing the problem and that is what you see with yellow acidy liquid that he is throwing up…. extra food at dinner will not help, but a cookie or two at bed time should help the problem.

  • Thanks so much for your response! I'm thinking maybe a small bowl of rice before bed would be a good idea :o) And I know Rami wouldn't mind! Like all B's, he loooves his food ;o)

  • Also, he may have been eating dirt due to tummy upset. I had a dog who started eating dirt and even little rocks, and my vet told dogs may do this to try to settle their tummies. He treated her tummy, and the dirt eating stopped.

  • if the biscuit before bed doesnt help, maybe try getting up to feed him on the weekends at the same time as the weekdays, then just go back to bed. we wake up later on the weekends too, but get up early to let them do their morning business and eat, then we all go back to bed..

  • My dog was also throwing up bile about once a week, and it was because his stomach was empty and he needed to eat. I have stopped free-feeding because of this. Feeding him before bed is a good idea, and it should solve the problem.

  • Thanks everyone for all the help. It sounds like he's just running on empty in the mornings, so I'll try a couple of the suggestions. I'm also taking him to the vet in a couple months for his yearly checkup, and maybe I'll have the vet check on his tummy too! He seems to eat grass a little too often as well (which makes him throw up the same stuff.. sigh) If only they could talk and tell you what's wrong! 😉

  • When I first got my Sahara I didn't know that they throw up if their tummy is too empty. I found out the hard way, she was throwing up, and then this forum told me that's what it was and now she does not do that. Once I started feeding her earlier in the morning it stopped, also she has a snack before bedtime. Good Luck!

  • I find if I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, I give my 2 dogs a doggie cracker , kept in the bedroom…and they have not had the yellow foam since then. Sorry, too much info I know! laugh sigh, but hey, if your young, this is YOUR future! laugh!
    If you don't have to get up for yourself, then for a child or to let a dog out, same thing, give a cracker.

  • good luck with trying these out.

  • My little girl Lexi does this same thing. She throws up the yellow stuff. We free feed so the empty stomach thing doesn't make sense for our situation. Perhaps this is gonna sound stupid, but I have my own personal theory that when he anal glands get too full, she licks her butt (gross, sorry) and then throws up from butt-juice drinking. OMG… GROSS!! I know I would...;)

    And of course, my manly husband makes me squeeze her butt when that happens quoting, "I don't know how!" Whatever!! mwhahaha

  • @BDawg:

    throws up from butt-juice drinking

    I didn't need to read that while having my first coffee of the morning…yuck! 😃 😃 😃

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