Trembling Jaw (updated 1-16-08)

The issue is definitely hard to see as it is just a quick blip. We tried to get some more this AM as he really does it the most then, my wife says he shakes his jaw so much it wakes her up in the morning. However, he did it very little and with all the lights on and me up there instead of dowstairs reading the paper, all the dogs where discombobulated, plus he was sedated for the x rays yesterday and his sleeping was erratic anyway.

I will say he defiitely did not do it prior to a few weeks ago.

I too am inclined to wait a little but the Vet is very concerned (and he did do it while he was in the exam toom weith her) and has my wife quite worried and upset about it. The neurologist is going to watch the video as well so we will see what he says.

OK, one more video. This one shows it better than anything else we have so far. Right after he yawns, he sticks his tongue out, then does it 4 times really quick. At the end, he does actually click his teeth.

The vet called and the neurologist does not think it is something that needs immediate action, so that has my wife a little calmer for now.

Yes–I saw it that time. That's good that the neurologist doesn't seem to think it's too serious. He sure is a little cutie pie.

Can I just say I luv your decor! I See what you are saying in the 1st. video…I'm not a vet, or doctor. but you mentioned that the vet gave you pain meds, just in case there was pain ,but the pain meds may have not fixed the problem. Muscle relaxt's and therapy to that joint would help it more. I'm not saying it isn't Neuro..but I'm just giving a thought. If it is TMD of the TMJ(joint) what can you do to relieve the tension of the underlying muscles/tendons that are holding it out of place or irritating the area. Try working in short , downward motion's near the ear and jaw area... pulling back slightly, working your way down the jaw. I can show you on video if you like, on my B. It's worth a shot and cost nothing. I'm a Massage Therapist and I have to say I mostly work with humans..but I do have some Canine, and they enjoy it.

I saw more this time you hear clicking, when it happens ,or when she eats,….........or anytime?

I did see it that time too… not sure what to make of it... but it really didn't look serious to me... but I am certainly no Vet....

Nala does the same thing on occasion…she's now 9 and neurologically fine so that she's a Basenji...LOL!

What a cutie your pup is!!


I saw more this time you hear clicking, when it happens ,or when she eats,….........or anytime?

As far as I can tell he is eating fine and makes no sound when eating. The clicking seems to be his teeth actually hitting together a little. Most of the time, the teeth never hit, maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 times he does it so it is silent.

I have noticed that out 7 year old female, who is his litter mate, also does it every once in a while, but I only noticed it once or twice in the last 2 weeks, whereas we have noticed this a bunch in Tigger every single day, multiple times. Like I said, it actually can wake my wife up he does it some much in the morning and this is definitely new.

I am sure we will hear more from the Vet after further talks with the neurologist, but it did sound as if the neuro guy was not too concerned so I am hoping that it is just a cautios reaction on our vet's part, not having seen it before.

Thanks for all the help.

Ok, after consulting with the neurologist at the NCSU vet school we are in a waiting mode. The neuroolgist does not beleive it is any imminent danger and thinks it is likely a tremor, based on what he saw.

Unfortunately, there is not much research on tremors in dogs, so going by research in humans, he beleives it to be one of 2 types. One can escalate and if it does, there are some drugs that can be used to control it and it should not normally be life threatening. The type he thinks it is most likely, will not get worse and is not life threatening. It is kind of like a nervous tic in a human I guess.

At any rate, we are watching Tigger for sings of it getting worse (and if anything it is slightly better, but certainly not worse over the last month or so) so hopefully he'll just be that dog that has a funny thing with his mouth but is otherwise normal.

Hi Leel,

I know this is a very old post but I just wanted to see if you were still around and had an update on results of the neuro?

Our basenji cross, Indy, started doing teeth chattering out of the blue this morning after every yawn. She is female, C. 1 year (we're not sure exactly as she was a street dog).

We took her to the vet this morning who also didn't have an answer but doesn't think it's a seizure because all other responses seem fine but I'm freaking out a little. The vet gave us some pain killers to try in case it is something in her mouth but she has had no trouble eating and chewing on bones so this doesn't seem likely. She also didn't seem to be under any undue stress, just tired from sleep in the morning so yawning a lot. Having said this she seemed mopey and didn't come on out bed like normal in the morning so not sure if this points to it being emotional... She seems to have gotten better throughout the day and didn't do it after yawning just now but not sure if this is related to what the vet gave her.

I'm very worried as some posts have been talking about it being normal (mostly in males) but in some posts it has been a neurological disorder which has gotten worse.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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