1.5 behavioral changes


I'm with eeefarm on avoiding things I can that set2@s them off. But this is a young dog and the reality is, if he thinks he can bite he may escalate to more serious biting.

The best response is to get him evaluated by a behaviorist trainer. Aggressive behavior is really not responsible to try to diagnose over the internet. We can give general tips, but that's all. As for changing food, I rotate three brands. But switching to try to get to eat is a fast road to finicky eaters.

Sometimes it helps to start fresh...basic obedience for a few mins at least 3 times a day. Make sit for treats. Any display of aggression gets a firm NO and totally ignore.

I really hope you get a bit more health testing done. Teeth checked, thyroid full panel, etc. Because at this point, if it's medical, you're still looking at a dog who is developing behaviors that are not safe.

http://www.clickerlessons.com. solid clear training lessons.

Not sure how you knew the dog " blamed" you. Simply such a huge change could be the simple reason. Btw, the person said they got a new puppy.

If a b gets diarrhea they tend to go off their food and not want to eat it again.""

I may be misunderstanding this quote. In my entire life I have never had a dog who never wanted to eat again after a bout of diarrhea. I'm sorry about your experiences, but that doesn't make it a usual basenji trait. Many dogs will stop eating when they are sick...but if that is ongoing, that's a pretty critical reason to see a vet.

If you mean that particular food, that sounds more logical...though most of my dogs haven't seemed to connect their kibble or anything with diarrhea. I wish.

A lot of people ha e good luck with adding stuff. I honestly never thought of powdered liver. Thanks! I will try it. Unfortunately I suspect she'll do her usual...take one kibble at a time, lick off the additive and spit it out.

Debra Downsouth.
Thank you for your opinion.
Since he was my dog and I have owned and rescued Basenjis for over 50 years I will decide what my dog felt.

Certainly, you can choose to believe anything.

@eeeefarm said in 1.5 behavioral changes:

How would you recommend enforcing that aggression is not okay? And I have considered that he was in pain but when I put pressure on him in different areas he doesn’t react or care so I don’t think it’s that.

That is often the way of it. Stroking, direct pressure, is OK, but picking up and changing the angle of pressure can jip something inside.

He is probably still pining. Donner never did get over the loss of his soul-mate. She was run over when they were both two - and although he was and remained the pack alpha (under me !) for the rest of his 14 years, he was never a pack animal. He slept apart in his box and never joined in games with his seven underlings. Life went out of him when she died.

Know it alls like you have ruined these forums.
Your opinion is not the only one.
I for one am done with people like you who think you are the expert on everything.
Those poles must be uncomfortable

"" He may be grieving and is angry because he thinks you took his friend away.""

Let's examine your theory of who is a "know it all."

The op has a young maturing dog who is showing aggression and biting. Other than you, not one person declared that, sight unseen, they knew exactly what the issue is (blaming owner and mad.) This is an escalating dangerous problem. So I will say it again.

The only "know it all" is the person using their omnipotent power to declare as a FACT that their dog blamed them and that is the problem. Your response is reckless. It endangers the dog in the off chance something medical is going on, and wastes the op's time....precious time should this dog bite someone who registers a complaint. No rescue will touch him and the owners can be sued.

If you can't handle someone mildly disagreeing before, this one may send you over the edge. Let me point out, since I am sure you're missing it-- I'm still not telling the op I know what her dog needs.

@2baroos “Know it alls like you have ruined these forums.
Your opinion is not the only one.
I for one am done with people like you who think you are the expert on everything.
Those poles must be uncomfortable”

Absolutely correct. She thinks it is “her” forum. It is not.

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