Tail curl

Thought it would be fun to start a gallery of tail curls.
To start it off, here's Gossy's:

Here's Shango's curly tail. It's curled super tight!

A curly tail always reminds me of a sweet bun and I just want to take a bite out of it 🙂 But I do not think that would be appreciated :eek:

Here's 2 sleepy tails

I have yet to catch Medjai on video, but when he circles to lay down like this his tail will wiggle right as he lays down to make sure it keeps it's nice little curl and doesn't get squished.

My brother brought his 3mo. old pup to play for the day. So we took some tail shots. Boy, that is not easy with 2 busy b's!! red is Hank, and black /white is 2 yr. old tri jonny b (brat rescue).

Hahah such awesome dogs we have!


Hahah such awesome dogs we have!

I agree - by no means am I a dog lover, but I just adore basenjis. I think little puppy tails are the cutest! My boy still wags his like crazy when he's excited - I go nuts over it!

I had a female once that I fully expected to go airborne with her tail - it was like a helicopter rotor when she 'wagged' it was around in a circle -

Nicky's Tail

Rally's Tail

Rio's Tail

Sophie's Tail


That is NOT an easy angle to get a picture. They don't stand still very long when they want to see what in the world you are doing! hhaha.

Zoni (oops, curl is on the wrong side)


Dallas has a nice tight little curl. We call it a pig tail 🙂

WHat a hoot! great angle! 🙂

She's not shy. So cute

Hahaha.. Lauren.. That's too funny!! 😃 😃

Lycia's a big goofball 😉 she missed judged the jump in and was looking at her rear saying "what happened!!?"

Piper's tail is pretty loosely curled and she uncurls it all the time.


Two curls in love…

Buana has a very tight curl, normally he has almost a dubble

Chafuko has an ordinairy normal single curl

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