• My lil Basenji Beagle mixes are 5wks old as of Friday. And three of them are showing a slight curl in their tails lol. The rest have normal Beagle tails. The red collared one is Ramsey a lil boy…and the other 2 are girls. Chloe and Sassy. Too cute!!

  • Too cute, it's so interesting to see the changes and how individual each puppies traits seem to be developing. So neat to see how the basenji genes show through as with the beagle side. Keep updates coming

  • I shall 🙂 The more Beagle looking puppies have pudgy bodies like the beagle and longer fur. The more Basenji pups have shorter sleeker hair, the tail and colors. Super cute. The girl im keeping I changed her name…her name is now Keiko...it means Flower in Japanese. She's kinda got a curled tail but it cant make up its mind lol. She has petite lil floppy ears...Im wondering if they will stand as some of the other puppies have MUCH larger ears so those wont. When to Basenji's ears start to stand?

  • Oakley is famous for his huge ears..my breeder nicknamed him floppy because his ears just wouldn't stand. It took until 10-12 weeks for them to fully stand erect all the time… I suspect it usually happens sooner. I dont know but I would guess around 7-8 weeks

  • I would guess that you might have sometimes UP ears and sometimes down ears…. mostly the ears are up at 6wks. Some however take longer. I had one puppy that had down ears till 10wks.

  • We got Shaye at 10 weeks, and her ears as well as her littermates all had stand-up ears at that point.

  • They are so cute! Thank you for keeping us up to date on their progress.

  • Dex didn't get his ears completely up until ~16 weeks!

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