Dad's On Duty & Mom Has the Camera!!! UH OH :)

  • This one looks like hes making a pressed lips angry look at me! lol

    MY FAV!!! 😃

  • Lovely pics, my favourite is the third one down

  • I see one very happy baby. Great pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • his red looks so striking in these pictures. Love it!

  • Thank You!! We were begin Silly Yesterday! He was really getting excited with all the pics and was acting FULL Of energy!! We had fun, lol.

  • Hehe, great pictures.

    I don't know why, but I like the first one of him sniffing his foot. Funny pic. Gizmo does this too…I guess that's why I like it. "Sniff, sniff...what did I step in??"

  • yeah Maverick is self conscious I think about his feet being clean!! Its cute when he gets an itch (like that pic) because he tries soooo hard to scratch it, and he ends up just biting at it until Mommy comes to the rescue! 🙂 I wanna see a pic of Gizmo sniffing his foot!!

  • Houston

    the pictures…love'em.. He is such a deep red, gorgeous color.
    Otis will investigate his own feet as well and once he finds what he is looking for/at he will stick his entire foot and half is leg in his mouth and bite on it for lenghts of funny..

  • Aw thanks Basenjimamma! Yeah Mav does that too its soo funny, I always have to help him to get the itch! lol. Does anyone else have pics/video of that? Itd be cute to see!!

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