Oh…how I love the sun

…if it is in the comfort of airconditioning..

Otis is enjoying the sun inside the cool comfort of 72 degrees...

Should I go outside…hmm..No!

Feel my warm fur, feels so good..

After a while squirrel duty was calling and I had to leave the sunny spot..

Otis looks very handsome. Are you crazy we all would freeze at 72 had air off last three days and ran the attic fan like to froze. I got up Sunday morning and the house was 60 from the attic fan. I hate winter and cold.

Rita Jean

Those really great shots Petra!! Otis looks so handsome in that first pic. Really nice coat too.

What a pretty boy! I really like his strangly dark coat ( but the good way strange, I have never seen so dark brindle)! I like him!

Ah yes, they sure do love the sun. 😃

I am never sure how Jaycee can lay on the deck in the sun it really gets hot hurts my feet and she just lays there. Love that sun they must I bet she will love the fireplace this winter.

Rita Jean


You are right RitaJean,
I have many times wondered that myself..Otis will lay outside on the patio in 98+ degree heat in the sun and just enjoy it..the other dogs are panting away, begging for me to let them in..amazing.

Just a question because there hair is so thin not like most dogs I wonder would we have to watch for skin cancer because of the sun? If so how and what would you watch for?

Rita Jean


Good question, I don't know. I did spray all the dogs with some sunscreen when we went to the beach for a week, but how do you know that the sunscreen isn't hurting them..?



just found this article..

Interesting, never thought of using sunscreen. I suppose for days where you're going to be outside for extended periods of time, it might make sense.

Nice article but what do we do as to keep them safe and yet not harm them from a spray?

Rita Jean


I guess I would only use if they were to be outside with us for long, think 3-4+ hours..here in Texas you can't stay out that long in the summer unless you're in a pool, and we all know Otis wouldn't have any of that…lol. I did spray them a few times when we were at the beach, because we spent hours in and out of the sun, but unless it is for long times, I think they are safe without it.

I just never thought about there skin and the sun but will just limit time out in the sun. I would be more than happy to take your Texas heat ours never last long enough. Just looked we are going into the 60's everynight but Thursday night and it is to be 58 I think winter is all ready back here.

Rita Jean


…and I think we are finally dipping into the 70's over night...a new since..gosh, I don't remember..

I had a cat years ago that love to lay in the sun. He was very fair skinned and he got cancer on his head just above the eye. We took him for radiation treatments but it just messed him up bad and he died a short time after. He was 15 anyway and it took a toll on him.

Sorry about your cat but that for sure tells me I will watch and limit the sun to Jaycee. All my other dogs have always had plenty of hair and more or less ran from the sun. My cat has never gone outside only when we have him in arms and that is usually to go to the car to the vet.

Rita Jean

Great pics from Otis!! He is so handsome! 😃

Very, very handsome boy!

I just love that very dark brindle color. Wow.

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