• Last night i had some friends over for a girly night in with pizza (there goes the diet :o )… Anyway, we had a little helper 😃

  • They really their food don't they!! We can't eat anything here in peace.

    Here are a couple of pictures of 'Benji the Thief' 🙂

  • Those are all great pictures - must just be in the breed to do this - we have had to resort to putting Shaye on the porch when we eat, she won't stay away, tries to get up on us - if we're eating on the couch, she will jump up and try to take food right off the plate or out of our mouths. And yes, we are trying all sorts of things to keep her off, but nothing works.

  • Houston

    Otis is the same way. I just ran to pick up the phone, and I left my pineapple and blueberries on the kitchen table…it took Otis a second and a half to stand up on his back legs and steal all of it...d__n dog. Oh well, at least it was healthy, right?

  • I must be one of the very few that has a non-countersurfing Basenji. Not once has he tried.

  • Houston

    Good for you> It is hard to remember to always have things way in on the counter or nothing on the counter, but I am getting there, a few more months maybe I'll get it.

  • Mine will counter surf if given the opportunity.

    But…I can sit on the couch and eat pizza (or anything for that matter), right in the middle of all 3 of them, and none of them even attempt to try to come near my food:D:D...they'll just stay lying down where they are. Good kids. They won't beg from me (they won't ever get anything that way)...but they beg from my brother (because they've had success with him) :rolleyes:.

  • My 2 b's will tap dance for pizza "bones"..ie crusts…but they have learned that when we sit at the dinning room table, they can't beg.
    However, when we sit in front of the TV and leave the food, all bets are off!
    b's got to love them!

  • Great pictures folks 😃 I think the phrase 'Chow Hounds' really applies.

    In the month with us Leo has learned that he gets no food while we are eating. So he lays on the rug under the table making sure we don't drop anything. If there is food on the table with no-one around that is fair game, my Naan the other night was a target.

    He will 'surf' the counters as in this first week picture, but now if we see him he knows OFF is coming so he pretends that he stretching with a 'What!, Who Me?' look.


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