Would Love Your Opinion!!

**Our Breeder is interested in having Maverick Stud to some Breeders in Hawaii since we are moving there next and they need outside studs. So when Maverick is 6months she will decide for sure. And since we are okay with keeping the line we cant wait to see If he is good enough or not (lol). So we TRIED to stack him so that we could get an opinion form you all…THANKS!!

ATTEMPTING To Stack!! (Lol)**

Just Some Random Ones!!


He is a very nice puppy…. I can see why his breeder is considering this

Kira we went to the dog park today for the meetup! Too bad you didn't make it!

I know, Aiden was sick!!! I was SOOO mad!!! It was good weather and everything….Maverick really needed to get out too....BUMMER!! Ill be at the next one!!!!

What breeders need the outside studs??

Hmm. I dont know… I know we are going to Oahu and that our breeder said a breeder in Hawaii heard one of her litter was going to the Islands and expressed interest...LOL...so that about where we are at...I wouldnt know really because im not a breeder at all but we dont mind helping out with bloodlines if there is a need. 🙂

John is in Honolulu.
He is the only breeder in Hawaii.
Faye and Ann are not actively breeding.
The others are just BYB.

Did you get back your boy's Fanconi results? From what I heard that they hadn't been tested before being placed… but as a companion it won't matter if they end up a carrier.
There is the girl with the full white collar here in Oregon.
I know that Cynthia hadn't gotten her results back yet...
but I am not sure if she had the testing done yet.

I think that Maverick's breeder would probably not be too pleased with the suggestion that she wants to stud him to a BYB. Is it possible that John just hasn't mentioned it?
And I can't imagine that any BYB's are particularly concerned about lines…

Wow…lol, I have no idea. Our family has Maverick for pet only of course, so I left all the Politics to our breeder. Im going to be calling her shortly to set up a meet when Maverick is old enough, but as of now, all the details are in her hands. Either way, we dont have much of an opinion. I honestly do not know who is interested in Maverick by name, but I do not think my breeder was making things up so there must be Someone over there looking for an outside stud...not a clue who tho. Sorry

Sire is Clear, Dam is Carrier… so at worst the puppies would be Carriers... Pups would be Carriers at worst... so I don't see the need to urgently DNA the puppies. That said, I would test right away if I was picking between to keepers that are "equal". Don't misunderstand... I do think they all should be tested at some point.

I think the reason for aksing about testing now is that the breeder is talking about offering this puppy at stud, part of that discussion should include its DNA test results. Its status does not effect his potential as a pet but could very well impact his use at stud.

Since you've all seen the pictures I've posted, you've seen some of John's dogs. The black girl in my avatar is one of his kids. As is my Honey.
John and I talk on a regular basis [multiple times in the last 48 hours and weekly], so it would be odd for him not to tell me anything about it. He also had no idea about this…

I never insinuated any BYB were interested in the lines. But since the dog is not tested, I can state for a fact, that would be a HUGE deterrent to John.
John will not consider anything that is not tested as Fanconi Clear...
as all dogs in his house are Fanconi Clear.
so I am guessing that your breeder [whom I do know and respect] may have been given that impression by others.

I asked about testing because I wondered if you did it. Since I knew the litter hadn't been tested prior to placement, I wondered his status. He is a pretty puppy. You did a pretty good job stacking him too!

Thanks everyone. No if our breeder decides to use him she has already discussed with me to do all the testing and she will be responsible for that. She is a BIG BIG BIG!!! Tester, so I wouldnt be concerned at all. I just hope he looks good enough that if whom ever she talked to is interested in Breeding, will like him enough to use him. Either way, Im PROUD as heck to have our Mavi and I think hes great, LOL!!! But Thanks about the stacking, I had NO idea what I was doing, lol…but hey i tried hehehee!


Well, you have the right folks above to run these questions by.
I would sure listen to them.

Speaking of Hawaii….Last time I was there I got lost on the way to the giant NEX and in the housing compound right behind the NEX at Pearl they were building a DOG PARK ON BASE!! I couldn't believe it!! I go TDY out there again in April and if I can find the dog park again I'll let you know what it looks like.

Oh awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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