• I am posting this pic for Sharron. It is a new pic of her little African import, Wheat.

    I don't know how Sharron has resisted taking that little cutie home.

  • First Basenji's

    Oh wow… so adorable! I don't think I could say no to that face!!!

  • sooo cute!! 🙂

  • What a precious little face!!!

  • An angel face - one to be loved and loved. Thanks so much for the pic.

  • First Basenji's

    Can't… stop... looking...
    Brain... melting... from the cute!

  • Hehehe. She is a wonder. Lisa, THANK you so much for posting her.
    She is changing so much. He coat/color are redding up as I type.
    She is right now with Lisa. My friend and one of the folks who went to
    Africa..heads up, Lisa wants to go next year..if you want to go with her, let me know.
    Anyway, Lisa is about 20 minutes from my house. She had a larger, 3 mo old b that Ms W. is used to being crated with.
    As my 2 b's are older, and not crated, I need Ms. W. to be able to be with them without
    "issues" in my home.
    So, I am missing her, but keeping her in a place she can learn basenji manners and house manners as well.
    Again, these African dogs have a temperment that is totally wonderful.
    I hope you all can see them at a dog show close to you.

  • Miss Wheat looks adorable! What a cute face 🙂

  • She's beautiful and it's so interesting to see her, i look foward to hearing and seeing more about her in the future.

  • Thank you. I can't believe how red she is getting. Also, her tail is starting to curl up.
    So, I don't think this photo will represent how lovely she will be once she is grown.
    typed like a proud mom!

  • Jealous! :D:D She is adorable. I know you're going to have a wonderful time once she comes to your home.

  • My two older b's won't know what hit them.

  • Wow - she is just adorable! More pictures? Please?

  • Go to this site www.mandsager.com
    Go down to EBC lurecouring. Clink on that, and you will see Peanut and Wheat in the first photo. Peanut, another b brought over, is with the Gregorys. Lovely hooded ears.
    Anyway, they are watching the b's run.

  • Thanks! She is just too cute. I love the coloure, and ears and and…

  • Thanks Anette. Folks who know say she will red up, and I am so very hopeful she will be one basenji once approved who will help our dogs and the issues with health that sometime occur.
    BUT I do have to tell you all, I have not been one to want a puppy. The lovely temperments of all these dogs that were brought over are just a sweet as well love b's in this country.
    They are just ears back, tails wagging bundles of love. This girl, I just couldn't resist.
    We are so very lucky to live in this time.
    Wait until you see the photos of the VERY red ones that were also brought back.
    The colors are just wonderful.
    I am waiting until some photos are shared.
    Thanks everyone for the kind words.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    My two older b's won't know what hit them.

    You got that right…. you are going to get that look like..."OK its cute, now take it home".... "What do you mean she is home"?..... ggggg

  • Hehehe, wait until she is accepted and they decide to have puppies with her. again, the folks who brought her over, who have the knowledge, not me…My 2 will not believe the cute little butter balls have teeth of needles.
    Oh, those poor older b's..! laugh. What a shake up for them.

  • Sharron sent me these to post. Ms Wheat is now teething which makes spotting her in the group of Lisa Saban's basenjis easy. She is the one having the bad ear day.


  • Love the photos! She just wants to nose herself in with the other b's to see what is going on and to be a part of the pack. Super cute. And yes, from the first pictures we saw of her, she is reddening up. She is going to be a head turner, that lil Miss Wheat!

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