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    So we have had Otis for 5 months now, give and take a few days or so, and ever since we got him, he has been very fascinated with our other dogs, Luna and Gus.
    Gus our 5 yr old dachshund detests Otis with a passion, after all Otis came and stole his attention..or so Gus thinks. Otis has been trying to play with him through out the months to no avail, maybe because of the dynamics, very low to the ground, not so fast running dachshund to a extremely fast, and agile basenji..either way things never worked out…until today..
    Gus is sleeping in on of our smaller Varikennels, about 24" x 14" (perfect for a 15 lbs dachshund) when Otis decides to join him. This has never happened before, Otis has never come up to Gus to sleep with him or vise versa..they just don't click..

    This is the sight I found when I heard somebody growling really loud in the office..it took me a while to locate where the growl came from...it was Gus inside the kennel, with Otis on top of him..

    now they are sleeping ever so soundly together, like only brothers know how to do…

    I just thought I'd share, since I am so proud of Gus for finally letting his guard down and enjoying Otis very comfy company..

  • Great pictures and so sweet now Otis and Gus can share body heat as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Rita Jean

  • First Basenji's

    That's so adorable!

  • The last pic is my favorite because it's his back leg that's on top of the two dogs.

  • That's absolutely adorable!

  • Love the photos! Gus still doesn't look too pleased in that last shot. My Zak and Zuki each have their own bed and although they get along just fine, Zak doesn't care to share his bed. However, recently I have come home to find Zak curled up with Zuki in her bed. I've been trying to get a photo, but by the time I get the camera he's up and moving.

  • Houston

    I understand the not getting the camera fast enough..in our house, if I move, even sneaky quiet, they move..even out of dead sleep.

    About thirty minutes after those pics were taken my husband went out to get the mail, and they both heard that front door unlook and ran out of the kennel so fast it got stuck on Otis back, remember it is a fairly small kennel, way to small for Otis, so he was trying to run through the house looking like a turtle with his house on his back…hilarious..but no camera in sight..grrr

  • I should have said too that both of mine are old and don't hear well - EXCEPT when I go to get the camera!:p

  • @Basenjimamma:

    I understand the not getting the camera fast enough..in our house, if I move, even sneaky quiet, they move..even out of dead sleep.

    Yes! That is the toughest thing I have noticed with my B. He'll be completely out, and I won't even make a sound, but I'll move and he's wide awake. These guys are prepared to move at any given time. 😃

    Love the picture. Nice to see they are becoming better friends.

  • Such cute pics, i love them

  • Good laugh for the morning! Thanks!

  • That's great Petra! What award winning wonderful shots! Everything works out in time. I've seen people start out as the worst, argumentative people and then suddenly turn into best friends.

  • Love the pics. The last one says it all . Gus is thinking… "screw it I am too tired to move" LOL

  • Awesome pics! That's how my boxer sleeps on my B and my akita!

  • Houston

    I have y'all know that now Gus has even gotten invited into Otis' bigger all wire crate..that is where they slept all night together. The were so close, almost on top of eachother, so Ihad to look really hard to realize Gus was in there too..so sweet.

  • That is really nice and like I said share that body heat and keep each other warm.

    Rita Jean

  • What a great story to read in the morning - will make my day.

  • What a great pics…..

    So cute!

  • So sweet; Basenji's love to cuddle with other dogs and people too, but only on their terms.

  • They look so sweet sleeping together.

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