• Shelby wants to announce that we have a new brother in the family. He is also a 2 year old labrasenji that came from the animal shelter in NJ so we've decided his name is Vince Pawpallie, AKA Vinnie boy. 😉 So far he is a real sweetie and He and Shelby get along wonderfully. The only problem we have is that his stomach must be upset. We hear it rumbling, he won't eat and the flatulaence is deadly. I suppose we'll have to deal with the green clouds and give it time to pass. Hopefully it will be soon.
    Here is a picture of the two furkids waiting to come in from the snow..


  • Congrats, they are both adorable

  • Have you had a chance to have your vet run a fecal exam? That may give you some insight to what's going on and find a way to correct it. Also a teaspoon of plain yogurt a couple times a day for a few days may give him some relief. Good luck with your new pooch.

  • How cute are they?? Awww!! We're also still working with Miles's tummy. He eats, but he still gets upset stomach all the time and then has D (diahhrea, ick!). White rice is good too. Helps bulk them up!

  • Wow! How lucky are you to find another Labrasenji! They look so much alike in color - my guess is Vinnie is on the left & Shelby on the right, looking in? Very handsome couple you have . . . Congrats!!

  • Thank-you for the congrats. We've been lucky with pound puppies and I have to admit, I got a notice from BRAT concerning Vince. Apparently he had been in the shelter for 3 months and they were getting crowded there so I'm not sure if that meant he was on a list to go but he was considered "urgent". So far Vince is a real cuddlebunny. I know we're still in a honeymoon period but he is a real sweetie like Shelby. Also they play together fabulously.
    Thanks for the suggestions regarding his digestion. So far he won't eat anything at all, not even to lick something but he's still drinking and I haven't seen any diarrhea. He vomited once but has had water since then and he is still active. I'm making an appointment with our vet this week so he can be completely examined. I hope he likes the vet better than Shelby. She empties her anal glands when she has to get a shot.:eek: She's sensitive!

  • Congrats on Vinnie. They are both great looking dogs and they DO look so much alike!!

  • Congrats to all of you!! 😃

  • Just an update. Vince is starting to eat a little bit and the green clouds are dissipating. 😃 He's a great dog! I am so lucky!

  • awwww….Shelby and Vinnie look so sweet. If Vinnie's tummy problems don't clear up, I'm sure your vet can give him something to feel better. There are medications that can help with the upset tummy and gas. Hope his system gets back to normal soon. Such a lucky boy to have a new wonderful family.

  • Vinny is adorable looking and they both look like brother and sister! His tummy problems could be related to the stressful situation. I hope its nothing serious.

  • I'm pretty sure it was the stress of the move. He's eating well today and extremely active. We still have occcasional gas but I'm not sure if it's Vince or Shelby. She can have some silent but deadly gas too depending on what she's eaten. Vince is taking treat biscuits too besides his food so I think we are past that.
    Right now they are playing like maniacs, wrestling and chasing. It is awesome to watch. 🙂 The problem now is that I could watch them all day and not get anything done. They are really just like toddlers. My sweet hooligans. They both want what the other has so they steal from each other. Shelby is the sneakier, more imaginative thief. Vince chews on a bone and Shelby barks, runs into the hall so of course Vince follows. Immediately Shelby turns around and grabs the bone while Vince is looking out the window. He comes back into the room and gets this "Hey!! Where's my bone?" kind of look on his face. And Shelby is over in a corner quietly chewing on the bone. 😃

  • How funny–and how smart that Shelby is! I'm glad to hear that Vince's tummy is doing better.

  • My husband said oh I like those! They are pretty and look sweet. congrats!

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