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First Basenji's

Greetings B lovers….

I'm new to this group, I was on BRAT blog, but this is much easier.
I found a BRAT foster mom at the dog park today, she knew me from Brat and I met her Otis and she met my Belle, Ra & Shango. I was fostering the two boys and now have decided to have them be my forever dogs, Belle ( the queen of our house) tolerates the boys and now likes being "in charge" of them. Belle had been a solitery b girls for a year and a half. The pics are typical wrestling on the couch, The boys being quiet, and The first walk on the leash, We've since gone to one leash with 3 couplings, much better, I had alot of trouble with three leashes.


Welcome to all of you, it was very nice to meet you in the park, and now on here..
I love the pics..

Welcome to the forum!! We get to see the Bs Otis met today. Nice pictures.

Welcome and its great you have meet basenjimamma. Your B's are beautiful and look forward to hearing more about them.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

Thanks for the nice welcome. I never thought at this phase of my life I would take on baenji's, who knew. I keep house better!

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Welcome! One of my B's name is Shango, too! 🙂

First Basenji's

Welcome! Your Bs are beautiful! Can't wait to see and hear more about them.

Welcome at the forum! great pics!

Welcome! And congrats on your new babies.

Nothing like a B to keep you on your housecleaning toes! LOL


Welcome to the forum, your Basenji family look lovely 🙂

Welcome…and congratulations on your new "family"...they are quite beautiful! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

had to laugh at the three leashes… i have been dumped with 2 more than once. haha

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