• Hey everyone ! My journey with Basenj's is about to officially begin ! Having found out that my dog Neymar could possibly be a Basenji mix, I did everything in my reach to learn about the breed and subsequently to track down possible Basenji breeders in my area so I could be answered more questions I might have and even maybe meet to compare mine to a Basenji as I have never been with one in person, well I found a breeder and its possibly the only one in my entire country thats registered and began to talk about my dog and the resemblances he has with the breed, then I shared my growing interest in the breed and my intentions to get one in the future because i was really planning on saving the money to get one probably in the breeders next litter… Well, I don't know if its karma or what (because I'm a very paxionate person when it comes to dogs and I always make them my priority) but... The breeder still has a 4 month old female and she offered her to me ! So all i have to do now is wait till next tuesday because thats when she gets the last shot to be able to go out on the street and after that i can pick her up at any time ! Omg i'm so excited and i feel so honoured to be about to become a purebred Basenji owner !

    This is her, I'll share more pictures when I get the chance !

  • Awww you will have double the fun now, cute little thing she is. Lucky you, can't wait to hear what tricks you teach her.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • What a cutie! Have the breeders done any health testing on the parents?

  • Yes, please make sure the parents have had health testing, especially Fanconi, to avoid later heartbreak. Otherwise, she's very cute! and you're in for LOTS of fun.

  • The breeder has been breeding Basenji's since 1997 here in Portugal and she says all her dogs are tested and she never had any problem with Fanconi or other types of deseases ! The mother of the litter was imported from France and either the mother or the mother's parents are champion dogs in France ! I'm yet to know the family names and such but i have been told that her name must start with an 'O', at least thats what i understood as we only spoke on the phone ! I'm so anxious I can barely contain myself ! Wish me luck eheheh I'll defenetly keep you guys up to date on how she develops and everything she learns !

  • She is lovely! Wishing you loads of luck - I think she looks a bit like an Olivia…

  • @QuizBasenji:

    She is lovely! Wishing you loads of luck - I think she looks a bit like an Olivia…

    Eheh its quite hard to pick an 'O' starting name for a girl, especially here in Portugal, but Olivia has certainly crossed our minds ! 😃

  • Oasis, Oakley (I might be partial to that name :)…

    What I considered naming my black and white before picking Oakley was : Onyx..it's fitting for such a dark dog!

  • Eheheh Thanks for the suggestions ! For now my girlfriend and I are leaning more towards Olivia and then we can call her Ollie as a two tone word wich is more apropriate for training, but yeah I would also go for Onyx if it were for a male… Oasis is actually cool but sounds kind of odd to call in my language, the word has the same meaning in Portugal but with different pronounciation and its odd to call in ours and its also odd to be calling in another pronounciation.. But yeah still nice suggestions and I apreciate it 😃
    As I said Olivia is our nr1 choice at the moment but all suggestions are welcome as I'm still unsure about Olivia !

  • First Basenji's

    I think she looks like a Raven… hehe

  • You really should verify that the parents have been DNA tested for at least Fanconi. Just saying "I have not had problems with Fanconi" is (in my opinion) not good enough, especially since we have a DNA test. Buyers should always ask to see the paperwork for test and also to seach on line at www.offa.org with the dog/bitches registration number and/or registererd name. I always encourage new people to the breed to please do the research.

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