• We added Charlie Murphy to the family on March 11th!!!
    I could not be more smitten with this chubby besenji. He is SO different from Penny. For one when our breeder brought him out he was the same size as Penny and he was just 4 months old!!! Penny and him are almost exactly a year apart in age.
    We co-own him with Brenda Cassell who will be showing him to his CHampionship 🙂
    It's fun to see the different personalities between Charlie and Penny. Whe he came to us e was pretty aloof, wasn't cuddly, just was good on his own where as Penny is a cuddle monster and can't get enough. In the 2 months since we got him he has become so much more cuddly and follows me around. He just so chill and plod along like nothing is a big deal where as Penny is a mover and a little crazy.
    They did not get along very well for the first week. Actually Penny just would not have anything to do with him and always had to be looking at where and what he was doing and then finally a week into it we decided alright maybe this pup is ok to at least play with. Since then they have become so close and even taken on some of eachother better qualities, such as Charlie does not care if hes in the crate which makes Penny more relaxed even though she still hates it she is much more relaxed because he is relaxed. I could not be more happy but I have to say I can not imagine having more than 2 dogs at a time … we do a lot of activies together and walking 2 dogs is not as easy as walking one lol but i wouldnt change it for the world!

  • Congratulations! He is SO pretty!:)
    I'm glad to hear that he is adjusting well to his new home!

  • He has the sweetest look… soon to change to devilish! 🙂

  • verrry cute boy!

  • How cute.. and you can't go wrong with one of Brenda's pups!

  • First Basenji's

    That's a face that could turn ANYONE to goo… awwww.

  • what a cute little tri-ing trouble maker!

  • Oh, maybe I will get to see him ringside one day.

  • Welcome, your new boy is darling ( I have a thing for tris!)

  • Houston

    He is adorable..congratulations on #2..

  • Congrats, what a cutie!

  • Congrats on your new cutie pie!:)

  • Adorable, I'm sure they enjoy getting into mischief together

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