• I just wanted to say hello to all forum members. I am from Australia and I am interested in Basenjis.
    I currently own a minpin and would like a brother or sister for him.
    I am a big believer in researching extensively a breed before purchase, so that I am certain that it will fit in to my life and lifestyle.
    I researched minpins for 8 months before buying one and he is an absolute delight, headstrong, elegant and cat like, traits, I believe are similar in Basenjis (would that be a correct assumption?).
    I am yet to read through the forum but if anyone would like to provide any information I would be very grateful.
    I look forward to participating in the forum.

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  • Welcome. You can leave this post here if you wish.

  • Welcome… we have a few members from Australia... I am sure they will jump into the conversation.

    And yes, you could say that Basenjis are like Min Pins... without the bark... and as for advise, please find a responsible breeder!

  • @tanza:

    … and as for advise, please find a responsible breeder!

    A big welcome to you! Wow, someone doing things the right way - researching before buying. 🙂 I agree totally with Tanza - you have to really research the breeders too. I found going to dog shows where there were basenjis a good way to do that. Then, a home visit would be appropriate.

    Most good breeders will ask you a number of questions about why you want a basenji, what your lifestyle is like, do you have children, a yard that is fully fenced, etc. Also, you will want to make sure that the breeders dogs have been tested - hips, eyes, Fanconi, etc. If a breeder does not do testing, walk away as well. Also, a good breeder will take back the puppy for whatever reason if you can no longer take care of your dog.

    It's a joy to get a basenji puppy from a great breeder. It feels comforting knowing you have someone there to help you through tough spots.

  • Welcome to the forum and I totally agree with the previous posts. If you do decide a Basenji is for you I hope you'll enjoy him/her.

  • I thank everyone for their kind words. I spoke to a breeder this morning and as some have advised here I asked a lot of questions about genetic susceptibility of Basenjis to diseases such as Fanconi disease, PPM and hip dysplasia.
    The breeder does DNA testing for those diseases that can be detected and he was honest enough to tell me that it can give you a likelihood of but not a certainty of the disease not being present in some dogs, and he explained the clear/carrier etc definitions.
    I have arranged to visit him and his dogs next month to see his set up and condition of his breeding animals. He is also the Victorian president of the Basenji Club in my home state.
    I am also going to go to some dogs shows and speak to some Basenji breeders/showers as Kipawa suggested above.
    As a responsible breeder he is also going to visit my house to assess the suitability of my fences etc and I expect to be interviewed to see if I am the right kind of person to own a Basenji, which gives me confidence of his commitment to his Basenjis.
    He has no puppies available this year but I will put my name on the waiting list for next year if all is well after my visit.
    I am building a new home so by the time, I am, and my house is ready in 12 months time I should be ready for the Basenji pup when his next litter will be available sometime in June/July next year.
    One question I'd like to ask the forum members is, my minpin is a desexed male, would it be better to have a male or female Basenji as a brother or sister for him? Will two males fight more than male and female would or is it all down to proper introductions and socialisation?

    Thanks everyone

  • @Kosuzu:

    One question I'd like to ask the forum members is, my minpin is a desexed male, would it be better to have a male or female Basenji as a brother or sister for him? Will two males fight more than male and female would or is it all down to proper introductions and socialisation?

    Thanks everyone

    I think most would agree that basenjis tend to do better with the opposite sex, but there are fewer problems if the same sex housemate is of another breed.



  • I agree, usually opposites work better. The fact that you have a neutered male, it could work out OK. It depends on the puppy and if your breeder (who ever you choose) knows what you current have, can maybe meet that pup… they can help you decide, again depending on the puppies themselves.

    In the states, typically it is the breeder that picks the puppy for the buyer, based on knowing the litter, temperaments of the puppies, lifestyle of the buyer, etc... sometimes you might get the choice between two, but usually the breeder will know what would most likely work best for the new family.

  • We have usually had multiples, but boy-buddies work out very well, especially if all are desexed. A lot depends on personality of the dogs, more than the sex. Sometimes boy-girl pairs bond deeply, sometimes not at all. Let your breeder know all about you and your min-pin, personality wise, and they will help you choose.

  • Thanks for your opinions everyone. Personally I prefer a male Basenji and if there isn't going to be big problem with my neutered male minpin I'll go with that.
    I have always owned dogs but only one at a time. I've never had two in the house at the same time.
    I have plenty of homework to do before I get a Basenji next year but I am heartened by the lovely stories and pictures in this forum. Based on the information I have read so far, I am becoming to love this breed. Strangely Basenjis seem to be similar in personality to my minpin. And if that is the case, my new addition will be getting loads of lovin' and vice versa!
    Someone once said of me and my dog "you don't just love your dog, you're in love with your dog". Never a truer word spoken!

  • As Kipawa stated earlier, it is really refreshing to see someone do the homework before plunging into life with a dog. Sounds like whatever kind of dog you ultimately choose, you'll be a great guardian! Good luck in your search!

  • Welcome - I have a basenji and a half, both girls - there are two male desexed minpins in our community, and every time my girls see those boys, there is much fun and games going on - their personalities are quite similar, and the gentleman who owns the minpins said something that rang true for me. Two is better than one. His two males do get along very well, and except that my basenji is bigger than his minpins, they play together - can't get any obedience or response out of any of them when they are at it, but they sure have fun.

  • I personally would advise you to defer to the breeder of your potential puppy as to choice. I always advise boy and girl as they are more likely to get on.whether neutered or not but it seems that it's a matter of opinion.

    I know plenty who have 2 boys and there are many on the forum too and have no problems. But I also have seen too many where boys who have got on well for years have then started seriously fighting when bitches are in season.

    I should add that I have a mixed sex Baseji household but I keep a very strict eye on the boys when the bitches are in season to avoid problems.

  • Hi Shaye's Mom,
    That's a nice story about the minpins and Basenjis. I did have a concern about those two breeds getting along but now I am feeling a little more relaxed.
    The last thing I'd want to do is upset my current little boy with a new addition, that just wouldn't be fair on him. My minpin will be 9 years old by the time I get a Basenji.

    I have been given some great advice about my research for a Basenji. Thanks everyone.

  • Hi Kosuzu,

    Welcome from a fellow Aussie :).. As others have said, it is very refreshing to see you do your homework before getting a dog. Bit late, and can have dire consequences, for some people…

    Think I know who you have been talking to ;), Australia is really a very small place, in the Basenji world !!!

    Look forward to hearing how things pan out in the next year, while you are waiting for your next pup...

    Just my 2 cents worth, I think a bitch would be a better choice, than another dog, especially as your Min Pin is 9 years old. Yes same sex can work, BUT, often it doesnt... To quote a VERY good quote from another forum member, "It works till it doesnt"... Just food for thought ;)...

  • Hi Saba,
    Thanks for your input. So you know I've been talking to Adam at Tambuzi Basenjis eh? Do they have a good reputation? He seems open and honest.
    So you think a bitch would be a better fit with my minpin? I have a lot to consider in the next year, that just being one element. I will take your advice on board because harmony is a key priority amongst many others. I just hope for a happy household no matter what sex I choose.

    Thanks again Saba.

  • Well I guess that I am talking from my experience. I have a nearly 4 year old male Basenji, a nearly 3 year old bitch, a nearly 2 year old bitch, and a nearly 1year old male… (Gee writing that i looks like I have a Basenji collection problem 😃 !!!).

    My older male is our problem child, has issues with all our Cattle Dogs, hates them all... Is ok with the young boy Basenji, but they arent allowed out in the run together, or the older will 'bash' the youngster. So they are kept seperate. My 2 girls got on really well, UNTIL, the older had her litter last year, (mother of the youngest boy), and has now decided that she hates the younger bitch, who cant understand why the older girl suddenly hates her 😕. This bitch, Ochre, is now the pack leader, definately usurped the oldest male, Saba, which their breeder told me would happen, but I didnt believe her, (sorry Kylie !!!). Both boys are able to be with either girl, so that does allow them to have some company.

    Forgot to mention that we have just got one of our litter back for rehoming, Diamond, and Ochre is NOT happy about her being here at all. In fact Vanda, (the youngest girl), isnt very happy with this either, and just ignores her, (probably secretly hoping she will go away ASAP !!!), but I wont let them out together, cos its just not worth the worry, of what could happen. Im also about to get another male from that litter back here, (Gee being a responsible breeder sucks sometimes, especially when you do all the work thoroughly interviewing, (read interigate :D), these people, and you still manage to get it sooooooooo wrong :mad:)... Anyway I wont be letting this boy out with either of my boys at all, and he will only go out with the girls, IF they tolerate him...

    Yep I thought it was Adam ;)... I wont make any comment, (especially on a public forum ;)), on any breeders, its just too small a world, and not really ethical :p... Please dont read this as either a positive or negative thing !!!

  • Wow, quite a brood!
    I understand your reluctance to talk about breeders on a forum such as this. I have a year to study what constitutes a good or bad breeder and I plan to study hard. I also need to educate myself how to read and understand lineage papers and to understand good breeding practices.

    Here I have been concerned with moving from one to two dogs and you have four LOL.

    Thanks for the story, it made good reading Saba…Cheers

  • Adam has some very nice Basenjis…. Thought about importing one years ago, but went a different direction

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