• First Basenji's

    Just wanted to share a picture showing how far our B-girl has come since she joined our house a month ago. Our two pups were lounging around in the sunshine this morning. She's gone from sleeping 20+ hours in a tightly curled ball and not willing to spend any time in the backyard any longer than it took for her to potty… to this! Even her paw pads, which were pristine and puffy and pink when she first came, are evidence of her new, much more active lifestyle.

    Also, we got the results of her Fanconi DNA test. She's clear/normal! This is SUCH a relief for us, and it was totally worth the cost for peace of mind.

    Finally... she has a name now. There's a bit of a back story. So our shiba's name is Bowdu (寶肚), which means "Precious Tummy" in Mandarin Chinese. We've decided to name our Curlytail #2 Bowpi (Bow-PEE, or 寶媲). The name was first concocted by my boyfriend whose limited knowledge of Chinese led him to pick a complementary name that I was absolutely horrified with -- originally he wanted to go with a gastro-intestinal theme and name her the Precious Toot (as in "fart") to match Bowdu's name. I thought it sounded absolutely terrible and vulgar and just didn't fit her, but he was stuck on the sound of it. (He really doesn't mean to insult or belittle her, he just has a warped sense of humor.)

    When I couldn't think of anything better that we both liked, I found a homophone for 'pi' that appeased us both. So her name means "Precious Helper" or "Precious Companion". We didn't want to pick an African name because neither of us were comfortable using a name from any languages we don't speak. So Bowpi it is -- or Pipi, as I often call her. Here's hoping I don't often have to call her in the presence of kindergarteners, who will no doubt find it hilarious.

  • Bowpi looks as if she's soaking up that sun. Congratulations on her fanconi results 🙂

  • Congratulations on the clear fanconi results for Bowpi. So nice to have that out of the way!

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