• Right around the corner we have a MASSIVE dog park with tons Trails and a large open field. I take Kentucky every evening for about 2 hours. He runs around with every breed of dog possible and just loves it. He is off leash the whole time - mainly trying to catch squirrels or little dogs that resemble squirrels.

    Until now!!!!!

    Here is his new favorite activity after rainy days. Not only does he walk through EVERY MUD puddle but he likes to take a bath in them, rolls around, dunks his head, herd every other dog in with him.

    OH JOY!!!!


  • Looks like he likes the taste of it too! Sounds like he's having a blast.

  • You must be a GREAT dog lover!!! Two hours of play AND full of mud!! I hope you can walk to and fro rather than loding his lovely muddy self into a vehicle!! Thanks for the photos.:)

  • Too funny! You're lucky it's mud he likes. My first B, Casey, liked certain "unmentionables" during our walks and she would home in on those and roll in it. :eek:

  • I wish I could walk home and just stick him in the bath. But he rides in the back with towels and blankets that I wash. By the time I get home he is ALMOST clean. Thank goodness for cat like cleaning and short hair!

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