My two loves

So proud of this picture of my two basenjis!

Thank you very much! Thanks to the sunset light, the beautiful sky at that moment and something calling the dogs attention from the other side helped a lot.

Great picture - your B's are beautiful. I envy those whose dogs stand for pictures. One of mine is very hammy, the oher is so camera-shy she even walks out of the room if I raise my phone and she thinks I might be taking a picture. What's up with that?!?

Such a wonderful image of basenjis in general and your two special pups specifically. You were SOOOO lucky to catch that instant. The perfect storm came together for you as a rainbow.
Well done.

Lovely photo! Great job getting it! Your basenjis are beautiful.

Fabulous photograph

Thank you all SO MUCH! Yes, I do feel really lucky and grateful for that moment. I am very glad you like my basenjis, thank you.

Fabulous picture. You should be proud! 🙂

That is a gorgeous photo!


First Basenji's

almost looks sur-real, like a painting ! just the perfect setting-gorgeous!

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