Cute Annandael babies curled up!

  • awww!!!!

  • Beautiful Basenjis Annandael. I love how they just pose for the camera. I saw a collar on the second picture left basenji. I love it. Could you possibly tell me where you got it.
    Thank you.

  • I was excited to see the basenji in the top picture with its paws crossed. Abbey does this too and it looks so elegant! Wonder if crossing the paws is something all basenjis do?

  • @annandael:


    WOW !!! Kiya -she has beautiful wrinkles !!!

  • Well as for your question. I got Kiya's collar at a dog show in Munich, Germany. It's leather with embroidering on it.

    Thanks for the nice comments…Arti, I love her wrinkles to. To me she is an ideal Basenji...except for 2 things. But I can't change that about her!

  • 🙂 These B's are so beautiful, I really like the black & whites. Your oldest B takes such beautiful pictures, she always looks like she is posing. How did you teach her to pose so well?

  • I just talk to her while I'm taking pictures. And I try not to get her too excited or she comes up to me!

  • So adorable, Nala crosses her paws too…but the one on the couch is so cute! They are just beautiful!
    I'll try and get some pictures of my girl with the pretty VT foliage this weekend...

  • Mine also crosses her paws. Must be a b thing. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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