The Annandael Gang

Here is my gang:

Callista the oldest and the furball of the bunch our Rough Collie from Germany:

Kiya the resident Basenji at the moment and our foundation from Florida…

And our boy that we so eagerly await…Lance from North Carolina!

All your babies are lovely! Kiya is so gorgeous she nearly took my breath away! I adore b&w's and don't see them very often! What a treat to get to see 2 such wonderful specimens!

Kiya is gorgeous! Soon we will be adding photo galleries section for our members so you can host all of you photos here.

Basenji Forums Staff

Kiya has a really expressive head 🆒

They are all gorgeous. Love those b/w's too. And Callista is wonderful, too. I love Collies. We had one when I was younger. My sister has a rough-coated sable boy now. She does agiltiy with him. Amazing animals.

Beautiful black & whites. How could you not love a face like that?

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