Freckles at 8 months

Freckles, adopted from Washington German Shepherd Rescue on 08 August 2008, surveys the Sarengeti that is my front yard.

I think the colouring is so neat! He doesn't look very large, how big is he?

lol. he's ready to pounce on that gazelle as SOON as is prances past….

He is lovely.

So cute! I have a dog named Freckless too 🙂

Aww he is soo gorgeous!!

What a cute boy! I LOVE his coloring & marking!

Great looking boy! Love the freckles.


adorable. do you have some more pics?

I thought the picture made his legs look shorter. For an 8 month old he's almost as big as his playmate, a 7 year old Auz cattle dog. At 5 months he was 30 lbs, now I'd guess he is in the mid 40's. He's not a pure bred, and proportionately appears to be a bit longer than the standard. Very rambuncious, always testing the patience and strength of his older playmate.


Thanks. He's very special.

I'll post more pics to my "Album"

I just noticed your avatar-can you post that a little bigger I think it's so cute, except my old eyes can't see it very well. And yes, the pic did make his legs look short which is why I asked how big he was. He's probably the same size as my Heeler/am esk mix.

Basenji Mix

Freckles is very handsome! Love all his speckles. My Daisy has lots of them too. I think he looks a bit like a Corgi.

Cute pup!!! Love his colour/freckles!

What neat coloration. I like your avatar too - very imaginative

What a beautiful dog! Thanks for sharing!

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