Blaze @ 3 Months

Today Blaze is 3 months old.

He's doing great…learning to sit for treats and before his food bowl is put down. He's learned to jump up on the furniture, including the dining table if we forget to shove the chairs underneath the table when we get up! :rolleyes: Of course, the couch is his (as it was for Maxx before him) and has become his favorite place to take a nap except for a lap.

He's a talker, doing a "roo-roo" and a happy growly sound (hard to'd have to hear it). He's also very affectionate...he's free with his kisses and wants to be up on a lap at night when we're watching TV.

Here are some current pictures:

What a cutie!!! Love the picture of him sitting on the couch.

Isn't a happy brooooooo joyous?
Thanks for the photos.


and a happy growly sound (hard to explain…you'd have to hear it).

My B does this, and yes, very hard to explain. Such unique sounds these dogs make. 😃

What a little cutie

Blaze sounds like a real love bug. Thanks for sharing the photos.


He is so so cute..I love his little face.

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