Kairoe @ 5 Months!

These are photos taken at parks our young pup loves to visit. Hope you enjoy them!!!

The pictures are great very beautiful pup. I love the one with nose in the air and in the grass can you see me now I am down here. Looks like having a wonderful day.

Rita Jean

All b's love the sun don't they…great photos.


I love the sunbathing picture. You can just see how much Kairoe is enjoying the smells, the sun and the outdoors. Beautiful B.


They sure love the sun. (looking at my B laying in the sun as we speak).

Great photos. 😃

I love the pic of Kairoe sniffing.

Such a nice age, they are like little adults but still discovering the world. I too love the 'sniffing' photo. Very cute boy you have there.

Oh thanks everyone! Yeah, I have that sunbathing photo too on my desktop at work! I gotta see it all the time, puts a smile on my face!

Oh, you can bet I will join in when I get the notion, love to chat that's for sure!

Love the one with nose in the air, sniffing, my red & white, Sahara does this all the time. They just love to smell the air, and by the way, beautiful pics and I just love those red & whites, gosh, I love b & w as well.

Great pics!!!

the last one is very cute….

This little boy looks a lot like my Duna!!! Their the same age!!!

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