Solomon 5 months old

He loves the Garden!!


What a cutie pie. 🙂

What a cutie, he looks sooooo sweet. I know you must be enjoying him, I sure enjoy my cutie, Sahara.

Cairo looks a lot like Solomon. Their size seems similar.

How is he doing temperment wise? He sure looks peaceful sitting there, but I know puppies are puppies.

Cairo is learning his bite strength now with all of his giant teeth, but seems to have settled down a bit. Having any luck in that department? Just curious.

Seems so nice and calm-Ha!

Too cute!! 😃

Fela is 5 months too, you have a handsome boy there. Are you saving his teeth that fall out? i got Fela's in a little tiny porcelin mickey mouse box. 🙂

He is absolutely darling!!! Thanks for sharing the cute photo!

Toooo cute…he looks soooo sweet....

Basenji Mix

Very cute puppy! I love the black outline on his ears. Enjoy the puppy antics!

Solomon has trouble with his bite , but reponds to "No Bite",but I really have to be carefull when playing with him because he is so much faster that i can't react to his play. He played with 2 small children the other day, I watched him very closely, and I was very pleased he followed them around and played all day long. He was wore out when they went home. That is something i can't tire him out no matter what we do.

Yes, I know what you mean. Cairo now has a full set of big teeth and is learning bite sensitivity.

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