• It seems only days ago I brought my baby home, but, alas, no it has been many months. My baby is 5 months old today, and what a time it has been. We've been through so much together and look forward to a long life ahead. Its been a whirlwind with the little guy. He is my first basenji and all I can say is Wow. From the crate training nighmares to the B500 and his beautiful baroo its been so much fun. Here are some pictures I share of my baby for all of you to enjoy.

    He, while contractually will become a champion both in conformation and on the field, he is already my little agility star. He was one of those dogs I thought was too stubborn to get through to, but all I had to do was find something that I could communicate to him through and I soon found that to be agility. My instructor, the sweetie she is always sets up the course specially for us so we can do an almost rally like course with agility obstacles thrown in. Up until the past month he had been a terror, never listening, pulling like a freight train, and overall being a bad basenji, but when he learned "table" on the course as quick as can be I knew we could do it. And of course many thanks to my good breeder-friends and many helpful posts on the Basenji Forums to help get me through some of his rough times.

    well, enjoy!

    ~Char and Zumi

  • He is certainly a handsome boy!!

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