When basenjis help (or not)

Wasn't sure where else to put this.

Okay, i've recently (over the past year) have taken up the hobby of needle felting. Needle felting is a labor intensive process of using a barbed needle on wool to create a 2 or 3 dimensional object. I, of course, have been making little tiny basenjis. (each takes about 9-12ish hours to create) So, because it is important to document everything I create, I have to take pics. Zest decided to "help" with my basenji sculpture "Young Hopeful"

Here are pics of Young Hopeful without Z's help

That's very lovely work…amazing attention to detail.

If you are taking orders for basenji Christmas ornanaments, let me know! 😃

How cute… I love them... and I would love to add to my "B" collection with one too....

Ohhh I want one

How did you learn about this, and learn to do it? Your little basenji is absolutely amazing. I used to crochet a bit, and have done pottery, but I am currently without a craft/art that energizes me and would love to learn more about needle felting. It really is lovely!

Anne in Tampa

I too would love one, if you decide to sell some. Do you have a black one (like Topper)?



Wow, how nice!! Very beautiful!
It's funny.. I was thinking.. where have I seen something like this before…? Now I know: Tillo's breeder was also doing this 😃 😃

And B's can be very helpful.. when they just don't do anything!

Oh my!! I would be interested in purchasing one of these too!! They are beautiful!

That is adorable! I too would be interested in purchasing one!

As for your pup checking things out….I bought Shango a stuffed animal basenji that I found at a local petshop (its adorable and looks just like him!) he he does not like it….he looks at it apprehensively and will raise his fur....it's so funny!

Where did you learn this craft?? I do a lot of needle work and would love to learn! It is so cute! Isn't Zest just so helpful? At least he didn't grab it and run like mine would have!

I like one of these too. Please ?
I'm waiting in line !

Greetings from Belgium

Are you taking orders? How much? I'm interested.

See what you started?? hahahaha

How precious! Put me on the list to get one also haha!

Uhm, actually I do have some woolies for sale and am happy to do commissioned works, but I don't think we're allowed to sell things on this site? And I know there have been some problems with pm'ing. BUT I am the only Kim McNeill in Colorado in the BCOA membership roster. I'd be happy to put more information, but don't want to break any rules put forth by the admin's. It such a nice board they've created for us.

You can see some of my other woolies here:
the berner was a memorial piece and I used some of the departed's fur. I'm not sure that would work well with basenji hair, but i can match markings.

As far as other works, go to etsy.com and put in "needle felted dog" or just "needle felted". There are lots of nice works on that site.

If you're interested in creating your own (and that's lots of fun!), try your local library or these links:




There are several ways of felting - knitting then felting, wet felting, machine felting and needle felting. Enjoy.


Those woodies look great! You can post them for sale in our classifieds section.


Please make sure to follow our classifieds posting guidelines.


Oohh, I want one I want one I want one (maybe two). Hurrry get your info up in the classified section so we can order in time for Christmas .

They are really great! Nine to twelve hours… that's a lot of work!!! Good job:D

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