• Does anyone else have a b that likes coffee? Beegin is perpetually trying to sneak my coffee and as he is a 10 month old boy, he's got enough energy already. God forbid he drink caffeine! (Plus I am positive it isn't good for him!)

    I mean I really have to watch my coffee cup at all times. He will climb onto my livingroom table to reach the cup or pull a placemat off the table in order to dump the cup of coffee so he can lick it off the floor. He's done this several times and I've lost at least 3 coffee cups. (Obviously I don't learn very fast. 🙂 If I leave a chair pushed out from the kitchen table with my breakfast on it and turn my back for a second, he is lapping coffee (HOT even!) preferentially instead of stealing my bagel!

    I just wondered if my little guy is just a Starbucks dog or is this something other b's do too?

  • Ruby is a big coffee drinker and was that way the minute I met her…she ran up to me kissed me, then stuck her head in my coffee cup and took a big 😃 slurp.

    Brando doesn't seem interested in it...although he does a serious investigation on my breath when I drink coffee.

  • It doesn't seem to just be coffee with Zaire. She does however have a facination with ANY glass or mug I have. I will be sitting on the couch having a glass of water and out of nowhere I feel Zaire reaching around my sholder from the back of the couch trying desperatly to stick her little nose in my water. It's pretty cute

  • I like "a little bit of coffee with my cream and sugar" and so does Baron. I couldn't tell you how many times over the years he drank my coffee if I left it unattended. He's not the only one who likes coffee though. I think all of them would drink it if given the opportunity.

  • I drink mine black and the dogs hate it. They even make the "Elvis face" (single lip pulled up) when smelling it. (We can get in an entire round of "Hound Dog", lip curls and all, with a tube of chapstick near the nose!!)

  • I don't drink coffee so can't say if EL D would drink it but I do have tea and EL D will come running if he senses I have a cup of tea in my hand.

    But too much coffee is not good for dogs - it raises their blood pressure - so be cautious.

  • Shango LOVES trying to drink my coffee! Haha, that's so funny to read because just this morning I was laughing at him; he was SO determined to drink some of my coffee!

  • Wow! So funny that so many other bs do the same thing, especially coffee with cream. I guess Beegin figures that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Darwin's never tried to get into my coffee, but he's definitely the type of B that wants to stick his face in our glasses. Apparently water tastes better when you push your human out of the way and steal it!

  • My oh my!! Don't ya know, water in a glass tastes much better than water in a bowl??

    I had to give up my bedside water glass 2 years ago (too much dog spit and kibble floaties), and had to graduate to water bottles. Of course that didn't work at first either, ie…grab the bottle and run away fast to unscrew the top and dump the water somewhere else in the house.(They really have thumbs, they just hide them from us) Those plastic bottles make such GREAT noises!!

    I had received a 1 pint stainless bowl as a puppy gift many years before. I introduced it bed side, and haven't had a problem since. Guests sometimes comment----"what's that next to your book and in between the alarm clock and your water?" Of course all are dog lovers, and most understand the Basenji so the explanation is well received.

  • Jack doesn't try to drink coffee, but he has been known to try and sneak some of my husbands kahlua and milk!:eek:

  • Very funny to read all these - thought our Jack was just odd in the coffee thing. There are only a few things that he'll really bug me to try to get to when I am eating or drinking, but coffee is one of them. Few months ago we noticed he had these spots all over his white chest and were tearing the house apart trying to find what he got into. A little while later I look out back and notice my dh coffee cup from the morning (long forgotten) tipped over on the patio table and ahhhh…that's where those brown spots came from. Pleased though that he did not break the cup, just tipped it over enough to drink the mess. :rolleyes:

  • Mine are totally after Wine… they love it.....

  • Jack wants wine too.

    And appletinis.

    I'm noticing a pattern.

  • Beegin does have a taste for wine too. And coffee obviously and also Hagen Daas icecream. I think the pattern is he has all the same vices as me! 🙂

  • We have coffee addict too. Zip couldn't care less about coffee but Riley goes nuts over it. Liz has come back to the room to find Riley with his nose in her coffee mug. He then just looks up with that innocent face of his and pretends that he's just checking to make sure her drink wasn't poisoned.

    But both Zip and Riley go nuts over watermelon. Once Riley smells it he immediately starts whining and making such a fuss that you'd think we haven't fed him in weeks. He will do ANYTHING to get at the watermelon. He's even managed to fit all four legs on liz's bedside table to try to reach it. He's such a foodie. Oh, and he does the same with Orange juice. He's actually managed to lap up a good bit of liz's OJ whenever she turns her back on him. This is probably why we call him trouble on 4 paws.

    Edit: This was Liz's first post on the forum! Yay!

  • Sugar and Damisi are wine hounds. Although Sugar gets sick if she drinks it, she really likes it-especially black cherry. Damisi was running around the hotel room in Dallas (we had the wine glasses on the end table between the beds) playing and all of a sudden she jumped to the end table, drove her nose into the wine glass, spilling the wine all over and tried to slurp it down! Needless to say, after that she was watched-really closely! Neither likes coffee, nor does Shadow-he doesn't like anything other than milk.

  • Sahara will get at my coffee if I leave it unattended,or leave any in the cup when I am done with it and it has cooled down. She also loves watermelon, really loves it. It is so funny seeing her hold her head back while muching on cold watermelon.

  • @youngandtired:

    Sahara will get at my coffee if I leave it unattended,or leave any in the cup when I am done with it and it has cooled down. She also loves watermelon, really loves it. It is so funny seeing her hold her head back while muching on cold watermelon.

    So funny, my pups are melon hounds as well. Oh and Cabbage… they ADORE cabbage.

  • My Girls love Starbuck's Nonfat Cha Tea Latte!!!!!

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