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What determines the kennel name that will be used? The dam?

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Yikes!! That guy owns a dog?! How awful. I hope you and your pooch are ok.

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I live in MA near the Fitchburg area. If anyone is doing a meet-up there, let me know. I'd love for Darwin to play with other Basenjis!

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Ha! The big sigh…they are so dramatic!

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I love how straight they keep their legs when sleeping! Beautiful dogs.

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Darwin keeps his coiled most of the time. He lets it droop when he's getting a particularly good belly rub and when he's otherwise relaxed.

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My B does that too. We have gates up and some times we step over them rather than swing them open to leave. We've gotten nipped on the butt! I've started getting him used to sitting and staying as I leave the room, and treating and praising him when he stays calm. It's been working petty well. Good luck!

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Ha! Did they have to take x-rays?!

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My husband and I knew that our next door neighbor was going through a divorce around Christmas time. Over the past years we've occasionally helped each other with letting each others dogs out. So, we knew she liked dogs, but we weren't particularly close. We wanted to spread a little kindness, so we all (B included) brought cookies to her. She wanted us all to come and have a cookie with her. I realized that Darwin was being awfully quiet and looked over at him in time to see him lift his leg and proceed to pee all under her tree all over her Christmas presents!!!

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Darwin's never tried to get into my coffee, but he's definitely the type of B that wants to stick his face in our glasses. Apparently water tastes better when you push your human out of the way and steal it!

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