• I was wondering if you could help me decide on some new books. I'm looking for one or two new coffee table books. I would like ones with lots of nice photos, and some information as well, but not a normal reading book with a ton of reading.

  • Do you have some basic topics - scenery, art, dogs, etc. - in particular that you would like?

  • Basenjis. I would like to find books with photos more of the dogs outside, as close to what they are like wild rather than just sitting on the couch or something. I haven't really seen anything at any store, and probably won't 'til I move back to a bigger city, but thought I could get some recommendations on a good book for a coffee table.

  • I've seen lots of good books on the basenji but none that I'd call a coffee table book. However, I've seen lots of calendars devoted to basenjis - would that work (try searching Amazon)?

  • Alright, after looking before plus my recent look on Amazon, I have come across a website for creating coffee table books. Now I would like any and all photos that you all would be willing to send me. I need them to be good quality and preferably outside, with out visible leashes and fences, the most similar to the way the basenjis would be in the wild.

  • Oh what a fun idea. I will see what I can come up with to send to you. I would love to have Zaire in a book. Once it is compleate will we all be able to order one for ourselves from the site?

  • I believe so. It says design, create, share. This leads me to believe that it should be a great idea, especially for me to get some for the local basenji clubs and let them use the books as fund raising.

  • sounds very nice. I will try to send some pics as well. But if you want to, you could choose yourself from our Gallery at our website (http://www.seelenfreund.dk) as well…


  • I have also been taking a look around the member galleries. Also, I found out that iPhoto can do the photo albums as well as Aperture, and Picaboo (online). I will probably be making the books in my apple software, and will also be needing any requests/recommendations for other information (text) to be added.

    Please post any information that might be useful, as I have not created a book since I was a small kid and thus need help with the information to be added.

    Thanks for all the help, and hopefully this will be a very nice looking photo book that will look great on a coffee table for company to flip through and learn about these lovely creatures.

  • WOW…what a great idea!!

    Can you reproduce from 35mm if B folks send copies to you? What info do you want with the pics? ie...dog name, location of shot, owner, etc.... Sounds like a huge undertaking. Best of luck.

    Again, WOW!!!!

  • Whatever you send will be great. It will be pretty big, and take a lot of time, but it should be great when done. If I don't use all the info that comes with pictures, sorry, but I may not need or have room for that much, but at least it will be there if I decide to put it in.

  • etzbseder,

    This is a great idea and we want to help! If you want to use any content/photos contained within this site for any type of offsite activity please contact us privately admin@basenjiforums.com, so we can iron out the details and facilitate the production. You will need to request permission from the photo owners prior to using them.

    Also please respect our forum rules and guidelines regarding posting personal contact information on the forum.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you for your support. That is one of the reasons I am asking people to send to me, and post for me.

    As for the contact info, there is no other way for me to let other people contact me, and I need them to be able to. I know I am opening myself to the possibility of spam.

  • Thank you, we are working with etzbseder to formalize this production. It will be a lot of fun, just like the Basenji Buddies Gift Exchange.

  • Awh, awesome idea!

    Shango has a few pics of him outside without a leash. Feel free to use any of those if intested! He has one kissing an Airedale Terrier and another when he's laying in the grass. I'm biased of course, but I think he'd make a great centerfold! 😉

  • This sounds really cool.

    Even if there are leashes, in many cases we can just photoshop them out. I've done that in a number of photos of my dogs.

  • I am interested in "Lounging", "Look!", and "Come on, hurry up!", but I would like higher quality photos (the originals) as they will probably be blown up and I don't want to lose any quality.

  • We are setting up an official thread with information regarding this. etzbseder please contact admin@basenjiforums.com.

  • I love this idea - one of my pictures of EL D snoozing in the sun made it into the basenji screen saver - you have my permission to use that one if you want (it's one of my favorites of him).

  • Has anyone thought of contacting Michael Work or Jon Curby? Or anyone else who has gotten dogs out of Africa?

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