BOOK - Collected Kona: Brief Takes on a Basenji

  • A friend of mine just published a book telling about life with one of her basenjis, I highly recommend picking up a copy!

    A great value at only $10! Support your local basenji community!

    Description: Originally appearing as breed columns in the American Kennel Club's AKC Gazette magazine, Marcia Woodard's funny and touching stories of her dog Kona combine to give a portrait not only of crazy Kona, but of Marcia, her husband, and their extended Basenji family. With full-color photographs to showcase the beauty of this ancient African breed, Collected Kona appeals to all lovers of animals, as well as fans of the famous "barkless" dog.

  • Just saw this on twitter. Looks entertaining.

  • Just received and read my copy. I loved it, but I want more stories! There are not many stories, but they are funny, had me laughing out loud, and so true about Basenjis. Definately worth it.

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