• well its been 5 days since Lenny has not eaten anything on his own and my efforts to keep him hydrated and fed on baby food have helped, but he still has something in his stomach. The vet could feel it with her hand today and said that since its already been 5 days, and she can feel it, may as well go in and take it out. That way she can check his whole digestive tract for anything else that could cause a problem… had we done that last time maybe we wouldn't be here again now....

    poor little guy

  • I will be thinking of you both.

    Hope that everything goes smoothly and he makes a speedy recovery!

  • oh dear.. any idea what was ingested? I hope Lenny makes a full and speedy recovery!

  • I'm keeping you and your handsome boy in my thoughts and sending a special prayer for a full recovery.

  • I'm so sorry for Lenny and you. I can't imagine what you're going through with Lenny. You're in our prayers here in the east. Please keep us posted as Lenny progresses back to good health.

  • Oh goodness, tough day on Basenji Forums. Here's to a speedy recovery for dear Lenny.

  • Michelle…so sorry to hear that Lenny had a relapse and now needs surgery...I know how tough it all was on you/he last time around. Here's to a speedy recovery for Lenny, and please let us know what the mystery object was. Poor Lenny 😞 .

  • I'm sorry to hear about Lenny going in for surgery…poor guy. I hope he has a quick recovery.

  • Poor Lenny. Here's to hoping he'll have a speedy recovery. (And stop eating what he shouldn't!)

  • Did you ever figure out what it was that he passed?? The thing you posted the x-ray of? best wishes for lenny!

  • Hoping to hear good news about Lenny soon. Hugs.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Wow 5 days of waiting? Hope that the surgery went okay. (((hugs)))

  • Hope the little guy is feeling better after his surgery!

  • Hopefully this will end all this b's distress. Do keep us posted.

  • Good luck to Lenny and you as well…..we will keep you in our thoughts. Poor guy, hopefully he will soon be back to his normal self, and able to enjoy food again.

  • Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for the good thoughts. we went to visit Lenny at the vet today. he came through his surgery just fine and they also took care of his umbilical hernia while they were at it. they removed a big piece of rubber from his small intestine… about the size of a silver dollar. yuck. they said it was lodged and would not have passed on its own so its good they went in to get it. it must have been left over from whatever he ate that got him sick a month ago, cause it was the same thing... some kind of rubber thing. dont know where it came from. frusterating...

    hopefully we can bring him home tomorrow!

  • Glad your boy is doing well, I know you will be glad to get him home!
    Anne in Tampa

  • Yea for Lenny… and I can relate to you not knowing "what" it was or how he got it.... been there, done that with Kristii... main thing is he is on the road to recovery.... I am sure he will be really happy to be home...

  • I'm glad to hear that Lenny is doing so much better. Why do these dogs eat what they do!!??


  • Yay good news….give Lenny a big hug from us all. 😃

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