• Zahra (non brat) developed a lipoma about two years ago, in the last year it has rapidly grown, gotten hard in a spot with an odd shape. Two previous fine needle aspirations say non-cancerous. Tonight vet doesn't like how fast it has grown or shape and referred us to a surgeon to have it removed. It does appear to be starting to hinder her walking so I agree that it needs to go. Of course it is 6 pm and I won't be able to call for an appointment until tomorrow, can anyone tell me what to expect? Is cancer a possibility even though two previous tests said no? She has no other issues except for occasional blood in her stool. What should I expect the cost to be?
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  • Lipomas can grow quite large and can inhibit movement. If she were my dog I would have it removed and sent out to the lab for histopath to make sure that A) the vet got it all and 😎 it's nothing to worry about. If two tests say lipoma that's probably what it is but it doesn't hurt to have it sent out.

  • My old Boy has 18 of them and a very large one between his legs- it grew very fast.. That one is starting to bug him but the Vet feels he is too old for SX. I would get it tested again to make sure.

  • Lipomas don't turn into cancer. But that doesn't mean there wasn't a wrong dx... or that mast cell hasn't grown in same area (not likely). To be safe, and to make it less of an issue, remove and send off like suggested. It's probably nothing but you want to know. Cost? Oh gosh... depends on where you are. What I (in GA) may pay $100 for, friends in NY and Calif pay 2 to 5 times more. It is insane. No reason to not simply call around because even in the same town, prices vary. For example, teeth cleaning, under anesthesia, in my area runs from $100 to $375!

    2baroos... how old is he? If it gets bumped/injured/infected, then the surgery will be more complicated and worse. I'd ask the vet to reconsider.

  • Max is going to be 15 and I wont be putting him through surgery. The SX up here will be close to $1000.00

  • @2baroos said in Lipoma removal surgery:

    Max is going to be 15 and I wont be putting him through surgery. The SX up here will be close to $1000.00

    Wow 15... totally understand.

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