• Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • Hope everything works out well for your basenji. Poor little guy - hope you’re able to fix the problem. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way.

  • Wanted to post a quick update. We were given horrible news that our Brody has Lymphoma in small intestines specially the duodenum! It’s extremely focused on a 5cm section of the wall. It’s a legion area and not in the lymph nodes. They will not operate as he is too weak from a fever (I believe they caused from biopsy the area) and are concerned they don’t have enough room to cut and seal the area. now have him on steroids and are using an aggressive anti cancer drug they injected today. We still have not talked to an actual oncologist which since last Saturday we are into this journey for $15,000 and climbing!

    He is only 9 months and I can’t see how he has cancer so young! Can he fully survive this being soon young and this cancer being isolated to a very specific spot?? I’m devastated 😭

  • I am so sorry... My heart hurts for you.

  • Sorry to hear this news and hoping for a recovery
    I met a man the other week with an elderly Labrador who had suffered cancer early on and recovered. Hoping you get some reassuring news soon.

  • @mmasco said in Basenji Surgery For GI Bleed Potential:

    he developed a fever of 105 and it has not went down in 4 days.

    IMHO, your first course of action should be to contact your dogs breeder. Whomever you acquired your dog from may have information regarding similar health issues with other dogs within their breeding lineage. That information might help your Vet with your pups care. That doesn't make it your breeders fault. Even human babies sometimes get cancer. (Think St. Jude's.)

    Since your pup is at the Vets office getting poked and prodded (and not with you), he may be extra nervous and upset. So, theoretically, the fever may just be a natural response to the anxiety he's feeling.

    I think all of us appreciate that this is an incredibly upsetting and frustrating experience for you. Please keep us updated.

  • @Mmasco how is he?

  • Sorry you are going through this, it must be really hard, hope for a speedy recovery

  • So sorry to hear this.This has to be absolutely horrible. Cancers can be genetic but they can also just be random, but they are never good. You have our sympathy.

  • @mmasco
    Please go to Homeoanimal.com
    They have remedies for Cancer that could help.
    I have used them for my dog with great results.
    Praying for your sweet boy.

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