• For 3 days our guy wouldn't stop sneezing - it got to the stage where he was making the strangest face and kind of shaking with the biggest sneezes. We took him to the vet and was assured it wasn't kennel cough, but didn't diagnosis the problem either.

    This vet practices more holitic medcine so they sent us home with silica granuals. 2 days later and the sneezing is almost gone and he's getting frisky again so I know it's working. That's great that we found something to fix it, but I'm concerned that I don't know what caused it - so we can avoid that thing.

    Do basenji's get colds? is this sneezy episode something common?

  • 2 years ago 3 of my dogs caught a cold during a car trip during the summer as all the windows where open. Now I'm really cautious not to open them wide.
    Otherwise, even during long period of time outside during the winter they never caught anything. Cross fingers:)

  • My basenji mix had a couple of small sneezing episodes this summer. We live in the south and the pollen is terrible here. I believe while playing in a wooded area she probably stepped on a pollen spore (sp?). Other than that, she hasn't had any problems.

  • Cali sneezes occasionally when she is outside playing in the grass. We live in a wooded area and there are all types of trees and bushes and plants. Sometimes when she starts sneezing a lot I give her about 1/4 teaspoon of Benadryl. I spoke with the vet and he said this was okay, but not to make a habit of it. If she gets really bad I will have to take her back in for further evaluation. I have a friend that has a Boxer that has severe allergies and her dog has to take an allergy pill.

  • My friend Susan Patterson has a Basenji that sneezes all the time. His name is Nitro and he has TERRIBLE allergies.

  • Joey sneezes a lot, but I don't think he has allergies. I think it is all the dust in our house. I hate to clean!! 😃

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