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I got this out of the book: So Your Dog's Not Lassie

Cut hot dogs (I use turky weiners) into thing slices. Spread in a single layer on a plate suitable for microwave.

Microwave: high for 5 minutes, rotate and cook 1-2 minutes until dry & hard.

Oven: 225 degrees, bake until dry. 30 min - 1 hr.

Treats will last for several weeks without refrigeration.

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We use Timberwolf - Lamb Barley & Apples

It's great for basenji's sensitive tummies - really pure products, good essential oils. We started him on it even as a puppy (recommended by the breader), we tried to switch him to a more generic brand and our basenji would have nothing to do with that change.

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For 3 days our guy wouldn't stop sneezing - it got to the stage where he was making the strangest face and kind of shaking with the biggest sneezes. We took him to the vet and was assured it wasn't kennel cough, but didn't diagnosis the problem either.

This vet practices more holitic medcine so they sent us home with silica granuals. 2 days later and the sneezing is almost gone and he's getting frisky again so I know it's working. That's great that we found something to fix it, but I'm concerned that I don't know what caused it - so we can avoid that thing.

Do basenji's get colds? is this sneezy episode something common?

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