• I am curious to see how many other Basenji owners out there have this particular problem with their dogs.

    Every winter we have dealt with dry skin and our B- (we're nordic so everyone in the household deals with dry skin during the winter months!). The problem was always compounded by the fact that Rocky would suck up all the hot air from the heat vents by laying directly in front of them as soon as he heard the furnace kick on.

    This year, Rocky started flaking and turning red beginning in early September. It has since morphed into a viral infection of the skin (per our vet who we just saw today) in which his skin gets all red, itchy, flakey, etc.

    Throughout his life, we have been dealing with skin issues, be it yeast infections on his thighs, dried out skin on his belly from heat vent toasting in winter, and now this. Does anyone else seem to have issues with their dogs and itchy skin? Or is Rocky just a walking disaster who loves to have me fork over enough money for a car payment each month to the vet?

  • Skin issues can also be an undelying allergy. Several dogs with food allergies especially show signs through their skin. But if it is something in the fall, winter months only maybe some seasonal allergy. You may want to have him tested.

  • Dash, he's been tested for allergies and nope, he's not an allergic dog. Since he previously only had issues in the winter when he "bathed" in the heat from the heat vents, we always believed the hot air was causing his skin to dry out. Especially since once we turned the heater off and the weather warmed, his skin went back to normal.

    This time, it is a comfirmed virus infection in his skin. We're trying to treat it without steroids (due to his Fanconi issues) and so far (okay only 2-3 days), it's been improving. Keeping the fingers crossed.

  • I think that skin problems in basenjis may be fairly common. I had lots of problems with Max–especially when he was older--I think his immune system wasn't working as well as he got older and more frail. And what made the problem worse with Max was that if any little thing popped up on his skin, he would lick compulsively--which of course made it worse. He also loved to bake in front of my wall heater every day in the winter--which dried out his skin, too. We were always able to keep things under control with sprays, creams, and sometimes a short course of pred or antibiotics--depending on the problem. One of the important things is to start treatment as soon as you see a little spot--so it doesn't spread out of control. It sounds like Rocky is lucky and being very well taken care of. Have you tried adding omega 3 or 6 supplements to his meals?

  • I think that Rocky checks your bank account - I am up north as well and no skin issues that are seasonal. You can get some stuff at the Beauty Supply store OR sometimes at your Walmart/Target/kmart etc in the ethnic hair supplies it's called Sulfa-8 it is a spot topical ointment.

    There is a medicated spray that you can buy that is a decent coat conditioner - it's actually a horse spray - don't remember the name. Try treated from within by adding some more oils in the food -

  • oops - forgot - check dog food you're feeding for corn or soy - both can trigger skin conditions in basenjis'.

  • dmcarty, you are right that Rocky checks the bank account! Him, the other dog, the cat and the horse all check and then draw straws to see who wants to have an emergency trip to the vet this month! (Rocky and the horse have tied for first place this year as far as number of vet trips and cost per visit.)

    His itchy skin has disappeared thanks to a medicated shampoo and doggy-proof/approved skin lotion that we applied daily. Let's just say Rocky was not thrilled about his twice weekly medicated bath. And the daily ear cleaning/medications didn't make him a happy dog either.

    Thankfully, he's acting normal. Just typical Fanconi issues now (ah the joy of UTI's and excess urine!). Bring on the holidays!

  • I've found that Dreamcoat by Halo works wonderfully for treating dry, itchy winter skin. Storm loves the stuff and it makes his coat so soft and keeps his skin in good condition.

  • Piggy's skin is terrible lately. She has about 8 , 1/2 cm spots on her head and neck where she has lost hair and itches. They are slightly pink but not read and not scabbed over. The hair on her face seems to be falling out too and her whiskers seem very brittle lately. Could it be a change in coat? I haven't tried much but was thinking about flax seed oil, I have heard of other B owners that feed their dogs that. I feed her innova which has no corn or wheat, so I don't want to think its an allergy. Anyone else's dog have similar symptoms?

    What kind of skin situations warrant an immediate visit to the doctor? I am thinking about waiting another week or so, unless it gets much much worse, but am wondering what kind of things indicate an underlying health problem, rather than an allergy…

    J and Piggy

  • Yep, Lenny has "itchy armpit" as I call it. He also lays right on top of the heating vents all winter. Last year I had vents that were flush with the floor so he could just sit right on top of them. Blocked ALL the air the little bugger… Tayda never had it, but she never laid on the vents. So I assumed it was due to laying on the vents. I usually put some of the A & D Diaper rash cream on him and then a sweater on top of it so he doesn't lick it of. After a few days the dry skin seems to flake off and the skin underneath is fine. I found it was only an issue in the winter. He has been fine all summer and now we have moved to an apartment where the heating vents are standing and there is actually a cap to the vents, so I put a dog bed on top of all of them and they lay on top of it.

    I think they like it cause its warm and snuggly, and they can see out the windows and watch what's goin on...


  • Ah….it's a dogs' life! What a good vantage point to see what is going on out in the world! Cute picture.


  • That is a cool (warm) picture! They practically look conjoined - 😃

  • My C3 has the same itchy skin problems too mostly due to the 1001 allergies he has…but I use the Aveeno Oatmeal Ointment to help calm the itch & I also put Brewers Yeast tablets & Fish Oil tablets into his food to help keep his skin & coat healthy.

    Sometimes we need to bathe regularly (like once a week :eek:) in the Aveeno oatmeal shampoo to help as well.

    Good luck!

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