• Hello,

    I guess I'm headed to the vet tomorrow. I just noticed that the pupils on my three year old Basenji girl's eyes are almost totally dialated and they don't change with light. She seems to be able to see though. She still runs around crazy and hasn't crashed into anything. She also follows the treat I hold up. Her appetite and everything are OK too.

    Karen (kinda scared)

  • Look into taking your girl to a veterinary opthomalogist. When it comes to making a diagnosis about eyes, you really want a specialist.

  • Thanks for the info. The vet says that "if it's what she thinks it is , it is degenerative and there's no reversal". She gave me some vetropolycin ointment and a referral to a veterinary oppthomologist. I have an appointment with an AVCO veterinary opthamologist on the 28th. That's the soonest they could get me in. They have called twice already to put me into a slot that someone else gave up, though.

  • Hi Karen,
    I really hope everything turns out ok for your little girl. Your such a good Basenji mom for taking the time to get her looked at. Please let us know what happens and how she is doing. We're keeping our paws crossed for you.

  • @Kebasmom:

    The vet says that "if it's what she thinks it is , it is degenerative and there's no reversal".

    Did the vet say what she thought it was?

  • No, the vet didn't give possibilities and instead opted for the vet opthomologist. I lucked out and have since gotten an appt for Thursday this week. They did a full blood chem work up and something called a Western Blot. I'll be sure to post after I visit the doctor.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for keeping us updated. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your girl!

  • You should go to the Basenji club of America web site and to the health section to read up about eye problems in our breed… never hurts to have some knowledge before seeing the Dr.... I would wonder if this is not PRA, while normally a little later onset then the age of your girl, but has been know to happen...

    Good luck......

  • Pat,

    Already visited the BCOA website and several others. I am going to print up all the possibilities and take them with me.

  • Please let us know how the vet opthomologist visit went. Any news? Sending postive thoughts and wishes yours and Keba's way.

  • Hello again.

    I found out this evening that my vet was wrong. My dog is NOT blind. She can still see a little bit. She does not have PRA but rather optic neuritis caused by some kind of infection which then causes the optic disk to swell. The veterinary opthomologist (VO) was a great guy. He talked to us for a while and then set up a little obstacle course which Keba slowly negotiated. Then he turned off the lights and she wouldn't do it. Then he did the exam. Keba has a referral to see a vertinary neurologist, hopefully tomorrow. The VO said that the neurologist would prob do a spinal tap, figure out what's wrong and then give her a shot of steroids and maybe something else. He also said that she should regain some of her sight but not all of it.

    The VO smiled when I asked him if he knew Basenjis and then he said "of course I know Basenjis, I'm the eye man".

    Thanks so much to everyone for your suggestions, ideas and good thoughts. We're not in the clear here yet. You all are wonderful. I'll keep you posted.

  • Well at least you know… and sounds like there is treatment... and good thoughts coming your way.....

  • Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted.

  • Thanks so much for sharing here with us…I would have NEVER thought there was VOs or VNs!! WOW!! I swear I love this board because I'm always learning something new.

  • @jys1011:

    Thanks so much for sharing here with us…I would have NEVER thought there was VOs or VNs!! WOW!! I swear I love this board because I'm always learning something new.

    There is just about any kind of specialist that humans have. Over the years, my B had his regular vet (GP :)) an opthomologist, neurologist, physical therapist, dentist, psychiatrist (animal behaviorist), and oncologist (for his chemo when he had cancer)….and I know there are many more.....

  • Hello Everybody. We saw the Neurologist on Friday and he did a spinal tap on Saturday morning. The initial results are a UTI and something else that may be autoimmune related. He called my regular vet to check initial blood tests for thyroid level and said that they look normal. Samples of the spinal fluid were sent to a lab in Texas, meanwhile Keba is on Amoxicillin and Prednisone beginning yesterday. If she doesn't improve quickly then he will up the dosage.

  • It sounds like Keba is getting very good care–both from her doctors and her mom. How do they do the spinal tap on a dog? Was she under anesthesia? Was it painful for her after?

  • The spinal tap took only about 45 minutes from start to finish. The vet gave her what he called a "little gas" because she had to be totally still. They also shaved a large spot from the back of her ears to her shoulders. There was a small spot on the back of her neck where they drew the sample. She was a little groggy but she didn't exhibit any pain and was all better later in the day.

  • I'm glad to hear the spinal tap went so easily. What a brave little girl Keba is. When I first saw she was getting a spinal tap, I thought oh–that sounds painful. I hope things start improving for her.

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