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So he’s been on metronidazole since Monday per the vet (.07ml 2x a day) and it’s been causing him to throw up and hasn’t done much for diarrhea issue! Anyone have experience with this? I want to take him off it ( he’s been on it for 5 days) it seems to be making things worse not better 😑

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Hi Pat,

Test came back negative for Giardia! NEG for worms but they did give a pill for it just in case. We bought him home at 8 1/2 weeks.. Breeder lived down the road from us so they were comfortable with us at 8 wks. We have been in contact with them since this started.. Nothing being reported with his brothers and sisters 1_1604688185097_Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 1.42.37 PM.png 0_1604688185096_Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 1.42.29 PM.png

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Hi Everyone! First time Basenji owner going through a bit of a rough time when it comes to diarrhea! Our Basenji, Brody, who is 9 weeks old randomly started to have diarrhea and slept much more than usual last Sunday night. Once we noticed him struggling to go we immediately took him to the animal hospital. He was put on an anti diarrheal medicine, given a hydration pack, and we went to rice and boiled chicken diet. He is eating "fine" but still showing green very wet diarrhea 5 days later!

We stool and blood tested him along with Parvo and still NOTHING is showing up!

His energy is near normal though does have moments where he seems lethargic!

We never changed his food from the breeder (Candae- all life stages multi-protein) dry kibble; he has never been interested in treats (so far) and hasn't been eating grass!

Any suggestions on what's going on? He's seen 2 different vets and same results- they don't see anything going on that makes them nervous.0_1604681707496_Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 11.54.51 AM.png

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