Weird 'pimple' showed up this week around surgery site

  • Hey all!

    So our little guy had surgery for a hernia before we got him and the stitches all healed up nicely (exterior ones that is...internal ones are still around).

    This past week, however, we've noticed a pimple-like bump growing in size next to the scar site. It isn't painful for him and doesn't appear too nasty, but I'm concerned that it's growing.

    I did some research online and saw mention of an infected sebaceous gland. Might be that. Any thoughts? I tried to attach a photo (Imgur URL) but it doesn't show 😞

  • I would suggest you take him to a Vet.... and wondering why there was surgery for a hernia? 60% + have hernia's in Basenjis. Rarely, very rarely do they need to be repaired and usually if done it is during a spay/neuter surgery.

  • @tanza Hi Tanza, I'm getting a new puppy later this winter as well. Do you recommend doing the hernia surgery at the same time as neutering? Or should I just leave it alone since you mentioned it rarely needs to be repaired? Thanks 🙂

  • @basenji_life - Having it done when spay/neuter is fine.... but it is really your choice.... would not be necessary... just your personal preference.... in my opinion

  • My girl was 12 before I had her noticeable hernia repaired, at the same time as her de-sexing. Don't rush it, as long as the vet does not think the gut is caught in the gap in the wall of the stomach, she will be fine. Remember, these dogs are usually low vet patients, but I have had them checked over about every 12 months.
    Regarding the pimple, it might be just the scar left over the stitches, when my surgery was done I had a similar reaction, that did not require any intervention except time. However, get a knowledgeable person/vet check the abnormality, to be sure. The American vets are taught that de-sexing must be done as it causes cancer! What a load of horse apples! De-sexing, castration in males, and a hysterectomy in females, is not normally necessary. Perhaps females may be done later after child-bearing age, and males are done later in life as well . Watch out for legislation, as no one is our State of South Australia is allowed to have an entire breeder, unless they are registered. That takes care of random mating.

  • Well we had it done at the same time as his Neutering so it was a one-shot deal. Im thinking it's just irritated skin as a result of the surgery. If it gets worse we'll take the little guy in though.

  • If you have any worries -take the dog STRAIGHT back to the Vet who performed the surgery ! I have often left hernias completely alone and they have disappeared. Working it back through the 'gap' gets more and more difficult until finally it goes in and stays there. Not a problem.

    I despair. WHY neuter at all ?

  • @zande - Hi Sally.... you know that this is a US thing, spay/neuter. People (pet people) do not want the responsibility of an intact dog, period. And we have the problem with irresponsible breeding with inferior Basenjis, not health tested, etc. My contracts require spay/neuter for pet placed puppies.

  • @jblair814 - Goodness? How old is he? Sounds like he was very, very young? Under 12 wks? While I have in my contract for pet owners that spay/neuter is required, BUT not till they are fully grown. At the very earliest 8 to 9 months. I for sure do not believe in this neutering at under 6 months. To me this more often then not causes issues with growth, maturity, and many time "leakage" of urine..... Hope all goes will with your pup.

  • Avoid extremists. I despair at the vets and groups that push for everything to get neutered and the new that push for nothing to be...each side pretending there are not actually very good valid reasons for both. Learn about both, make your own decisions.

    There is overwhelming research that neutering large breed dog before 2 ups chance of bone cancer. There is fairly indisputable proof that spaying before the first heat almost eliminates breast cancers. Bitches spayed before the first yeah cuts diabetes rates. Some bitches with cancer have improvement if spayed, but the studies are tilting the other way in some research.

    Don't get overwhelmed. You can't undo it. If you haven't had it done, research and make your own best decision. Hernia? Trust your vet. If you don't trust your vet, get a new vet or ask for a specialist to evaluate.

  • @debradownsouth - regarding hernia's.... I totally disagree about "trust" your vet.... too many vets look as umbilical Hernia's on Basenji and scare the owners half to death... I have had puppy buyers call me in tears saying their Vet told them the pup was going to die from the Hernia... Too many Vets have no CLUE about umbilical hernia's in Basenjis. There is a complete difference between an Umbilical hernia and a Inguinal Hernia. Inguinal hernia's are serious and should be removed ASAP. Note that in the US, AKC rules regarding surgery is that it is OK to repair an Umbilical Hernia with surgery and still show, but not an Inguinal Hernia. It is also recommended that Basenjis with Inguinal Hernia should not be bred.

  • I live in the same area as @jblair814 and the dog rescues here will neuter any pup before letting you adopt them. The same goes for some of the basenji breeders nearby, they will neuter the pups at around 11 or 12 weeks before letting you adopt them.

  • Well goodness me! Appears there is quite a strong field of opinions on this topic. Our breeder gave no choice on the neutering - preserves the quality of the breed. As for the hernia, it was our choice to do it at the same time as the neuter. Might as well get it over with. He's doing just fine 🙂 Pimple is drying up - false alarm.

  • @tanza I know (sad shake of the head) but so young ? Before structural and hormonal maturity ? That can never be in the best interest of the pup. Bitches should at least have had one season - and boys should be full mature at the very least. I am delighted that your contracts do not insist on cutting the pups too early. I guess there are benefits (to the breed) of living in a small country. Basenji mixes are very few and far between. I have only come across one or two litters in all the years I've been in Basenjis.

  • @zande - Zande, I totally agree about the age... and honestly to the rest here, I know of no responsible breeder that will insist on a spay/neuter at that age. As I said, I do have it in my contract that if this is a pet puppy, it needs to be done before a year and if a show prospect I co-own. I also co-own pet puppies until I get confirmation from their Vet that the pup had been spayed/neutered then I drop off as a co-owner if that is the owners wish.

    To Jblair814 - glad to hear that your pup is fine and doing well. Again, I agree with breeders requiring spay/neuter, just not at that age.

    To basenji_life - Most all rescues require spay/neuter regardless of age before adoption, that is pretty standard.

  • @zande said in Weird 'pimple' showed up this week around surgery site:

    @tanza I know (sad shake of the head) but so young ? Before structural and hormonal maturity ? That can never be in the best interest of the pup. Bitches should at least have had one season - and boys should be full mature at the very least.

    A large and well known animal shelter where I am spays and neuters at 8 weeks before placing the puppy (also at eight weeks). Not a fan. What's funny is the I know of not a single case of an unwanted dog mating in the area. Just doesn't happen.

    I can see pet owners who don't want to deal with heat cycles spaying their dog and/or any owner concerned about Pyrometra. Other than that the medical evidence doesn't seem persuasive. Yes it will reduce (but not eliminate) the incidence of breast cancer, but the reported background incidence of breast cancer seems exaggerated. There is also the age issue. I've known many dogs who have died of cancer at 10 or 11 and none of these have been breast cancer.

    I guess part of me thinks we should treat the matter like we would if humans were involved. If spaying and neutering were such great ideas we should routinely do it with humans. LOL

  • @tanza I probably put 'trust your vet' without enough emphasis. My vet has magic hands and even though Sayblee's hernia was a bit big, she could feel it was tied off, not of concern. Yeah she routinely checked. Arwen's was smaller, but already had some concerns. Cara simply wasn't a question.. it was big and not safe to leave. She told me usually okayl Would I have trusted her partner? No. Mostly horse/farm animal vet and little experience with umbilical hernias. Btw, Inguinal hernia dogs should be removed from gene pool here too. I hope that's true with all breed clubs but I haven't looked.

    So I'll restate... IF you trust your vet AND your vet has a lot of hands-on experience, listen. If you have any doubts, you are your dog's advocate. Listen to your gut.

  • @donc said in Weird 'pimple' showed up this week around surgery site:

    I guess part of me thinks we should treat the matter like we would if humans were involved. If spaying and neutering were such great ideas we should routinely do it with humans. LOL

    Well said !!! My own feelings exactly. You don't subject a 15 year old girl (let alone a seven or eight year old) to a hysterectomy to prevent future cancer. I am unconvinced spaying prevents Pyo. In any case, I have only ever spayed a bitch late in life to ameliorate HER quality of life. (Three of them in all these years + Hoover. I spayed her because my husband was lying in hospital with a broken neck and I couldn't cope with a seasonable bitch, a randy boy and long daily trips away on hospital visits).

    Your other point about pet owners not wanting to deal with heat cycles - - - I'll shut up on that subject lest I offend !!!

  • @zande

    Bitches should at least have had one season

    Sally, what do you base that on? I have never seen a single research supporting 1 heat.

    I wish breeders could use the 5 year shot that stops viable eggs and have options. But as long as immoral owners buy a dog with a no-breeding contract and breed them anyway, I understand. 😞

  • Because by then they should be hormonally mature even if not fully structurally mature. I don't read much research - I follow experience !
    Ideally, not at all, but if they MUST be spayed, then let them grow up first.

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