• Hi everyone:

    I'm new to the forums, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone had any words of advice. I adopted Ben from a rescue on Jan 9, and it was explained to me that he puked a bit when nervous. Totally understandable. He's actually violently ill constantly. I've tried every diet under the sun - the kibble he was used to, rice and lean meat, special vet food - and nothing stays down. $800 of vet bills later, it turns out he has a raging case of worms (and has had for months likely). This whole "nervous puke" thing was actually worms. He's not a nervous animal at all.

    The rescue has been zero help, just suggesting I need to change his diet/change my lifestyle, but that doesn't work. The vet prescribed Drontal Plus as a dewormer, but he puked that up 2.5 hours after taking it, and the vet says I need to redose him. "Make sure he gets it with food." Well, that doesn't seem to make a difference. He's on an anti-nauseant already to help with the vomit.

    I'm at my wits end, and facing the reality that I may have to give him back to the rescue, which would tear a whole in my heart. I love this dog, but he's requiring a level of care that I can't provide. I'm financially, physically, and emotionally tapped out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for food or techniques for giving him the medication that could stand a chance of staying down, killing the worms, and stopping this fiasco?

  • Try a little raw honey, if it's a capsule,open it and mix with the honey.
    Put it on a spoon or a butter knife and smear on his tongue.
    I have found that the honey is absolved right away and so he can't
    throw it up.
    Give the honey without the meds at least 3 times a day as it is a great
    source of calories and energy.
    I've used this also 40 years with my B's and it has always worked.
    Let me know how it goes and good luck.


  • I would be sending the bills to the rescue group…. if it is worms that are causing the problem... they (rescue group) didn't do a very good job getting his health checked out before placement.

    What anti-nauseant is he on? There are different ones, maybe a change in meds will help....

  • Is the vet sure it's worms? In my experience, regular vets give standard medication easily, withou further investigation.
    It may be worms, it may be food, it may be a combination of factors.
    Don't rule out anxiety issues - he's been through a lot. The calmer you are, the sooner he can settle (easier said than done, I know). Also, because he has not been well for a while: pet specific probiotics to get the intestines healthy and going again - that's where health starts, the intestines. See http://probiotics.mercola.com/probiotics-for-pets.html
    Maybe a second opinion from a holistic vet if one is available.
    Good luck, and thank you for trying so hard!

  • Have they done xrays to rule out mega esophagus?
    Drontal is for tapeworms. There is an injectable version that he couldn't vomit up if tapeworms are truly the problem.

    They could also have given him injectable versions of famotidine (pepcid) and cerenia (anti-emetic) to see if that helps since he can't keep pills down.

  • If you're open to it:

    • homepathy Nux Vomica D30, start with one granule, and see what happens, if no respons, another one - you can find more on the internet.
    • essential oils (Animal Desk Reference, Melissa Shelton, page 461 and 462): ginger orally, peppermint in the water, both also petting into the fur.
      Also helichrysum, lemon, marjoram, nutmeg, spearmint and some others.

    Good luck!

  • First Basenji's

    Well, if he is not keeping the food down…does he eat anything at all with enthusiasm? A client of mine had her dog's stomach 'growling' and had diarrhea over a course of two days. She brought him here for training (I was unaware of the tummy turmoil) anyway, he ate pumpkin and he is even a 'picky' eater. that night the grumbling stopped and he had a appetite for his dinner which he did not previously. If your boy likes pumpkin (not pie filling), then you can add the medicine and/or diatomaceouse earth. The 'Earth' dries up the internal parasites and is over all good...I was taking it myself, and my (eh em, please excuse this personal info....) hemorroids have not returned...so it works internally...(sorry). let us know what works for you and him!!!

  • I mix a little pumpkin into my B's food several times a week. Most dogs like it, and it's good for their digestive track. I buy organic when it's available, but you can always find Libby's 100% pure pumpkin (no sugar) and it's often on sale for $1 a can.

    The OP hasn't returned, so I hope that's a sign that the sick little guy is doing better.

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